Beko Dishwasher 14 Person 5 Program 60 cm Steam Silver BDFN15420S

19,110 EGP

  • Brand:Beko
  • Model: BDFN15420S
  • Color:  Silver
  • Number of Persons:14 Persons

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Beko Dishwasher 14 Person 5 Program 60 cm Steam Silver BDFN15420S 19,110 EGP
Brand Beko
Model name BDFN15420S
Place settings 14 people
Color Silver
Design freestyle
Energy efficiency class
Water consumption per session
12.9 liters
Noise level
49 dBA
Screen type
Cutlery drawer
Upper basket adjustment type
New 3 position loaded adjustable L.
Number of flexible plates (lower basket)
There is an intensive laundry on the bottom rack
Deep wash
Time delay
Yes with 3 levels (3 hours / 6 hours / 9 hours)
Flexible half load
Number of programmes
Number of jobs
Disk property
Glass care system
glass shield
drying system
Fan active drying
Cup rack
Number of cup racks
New knife attachment
Sink material
Stainless steel sink
Direct access control system
B6B – AC
Spray arm design
strong arm
Slide detergent dispenser
Power consumption (kW/cycle)
0.8 kWh
annual energy consumption
Noise level
49 dBA
Number of spray levels
Electrical voltage
220 – 240 volts
50 Hz
Child lock
Water inlet safety
59.8 cm
85 cm
60 cm
42.9 KG
Package height
88.9 Cm
Package show
64.4 Cm
Package depth
66.1 Cm
Package weight
44.9 KG
Beko website
Beko service number 16165


About Beko Dishwasher Model BDFN15420S

The Beko washing machine is one of the best washing machines in the Egyptian market, which is characterized by an elegant and attractive design in a silver color that adds a lot of elegance to any kitchen or laundry room. This washing machine features a 14-place setting. The Beko 14-person dishwasher is characterized by the energy efficiency class A, which makes it less energy consuming, and the washing machine’s water consumption per cycle is 12.9 liters, and this is considered less water consumption. The Beko dishwasher comes with 2 drawers: two adjustable drawers for utensils, cups, and dishes. Which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and with the best shipping services and after-sales services, and it is advised to install it by the company’s certified technician, in order to preserve the product warranty and also to work with you efficiently. The Beko 14 Person black dishwasher has a noise level of 49 dBA, which makes it quieter than its peers. The washing machine features an LED screen, The Beko dishwasher features 4 flexible, foldable panels in the lower drawer (lower basket) to place utensils and dishes more organized to make it take the largest number of utensils and dishes. The Beko washing machine has many features to make dishes and utensils cleaner, and the most important of these features is the intensive washing feature in the lower rack. It is a feature that allows the washer to increase the amount of water and pressure on the lower rack to better clean highly polluted utensils that accumulate dirt and fat. This feature can be used to clean large pots and trays or particularly dirty pots and pans. This type of wash uses a high level of water and pressure to get rid of stubborn dirt and grease that cannot be easily removed with a normal wash. , And the time delay feature is a feature provided by Beko in some dishwashers, as it gives you the ability to delay the start of the washing cycle for a certain period of time, and this allows you to specify the time when you want the washing process to end. You can simply program the washing machine to start at a later time, like when you get home from work or early in the morning when you’re asleep to wake up to clean dishes. Thus, you can save time, energy and water in the long run, and it also helps in reducing the electricity and water bill. The washing cycle can be delayed for three, six or nine hours (), which helps to plan the washing time more flexibly while taking advantage of the low electricity consumption. The flexible halves of the Beko dishwasher allow users to load the machine with less quantity of dishes, using the adjustable racks.When you have a few dishes, you can use only the bottom part of the machine and leave the unused upper part closed.This saves less water consumption electricity and detergents, it also gives you extra space in the kitchen. All in all, the flexible half loading feature makes the Beko dishwasher ideal for small households that do not need to wash large quantities of dishes at a time. They may not always benefit from waiting for the entire wash cycle to complete. with optimum performance.

The Steam Gloss feature in the Beko dishwasher is an important feature that helps in cleaning and sterilizing dishes and utensils more effectively. Steam is used to increase the temperature inside the washing machine and improve its cleaning and sterilization performance. When the Steam Gloss feature is activated, hot steam is released inside the washing machine during the last rinse cycle, helping to remove stains, tough dirt, germs and bacteria more effectively. In addition, Steam Gloss helps reduce the appearance of water spots on pots and pans and improves drying quality. The Steam Gloss feature can be used with all dishwasher-safe pots and pans, and is activated by pressing the dedicated button on the washing machine’s digital control unit.

Why do you need to use dishwasher salt?

The water filtration system in the dishwasher is replenished with dishwashing salt. In order for glasses to come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean and crisp, it is essential to use gentle water. Large amounts of calcium carbonate, often known as lime, are present in hard water. Using hard water in a dishwasher can cause limescale build-up on utensils and damage the appliance. For this reason, it is necessary to soften the water when its hardness exceeds a certain limit.


The Beko 14-Person Inverter silver Dishwasher features 5 programs for better cleaning and comes as follows: 

– Program 1: Intensive program 70 degrees Celsius

Beko offers a solution for intensive washing of very dirty pots and pans, where a special place is allocated inside the washing machine for pots to ensure the best results

A special program for intensive decomposition and washing – where the water is highly condensed and pressurized through advanced technology – an additional arm that rotates 180 degrees in addition to a hand that rotates 360 degrees to ensure that the highest level of dirt is eliminated.

 1-5 times better cleaning than conventional washing machines

 2- Saving the time of washing the overalls by hand

 3 – The water flows strongly in all directions for the best performance

– Program 2: Eco 50°C Program

It is a program that is used to wash regular pots and dishes for daily use, where a lower temperature and less water is used compared to other programmes. The Eco 50°C program in the Beko dishwasher uses auto-sensing technology to determine the load size and program duration, and accurately determine the amount of water and energy used to clean pots and dishes efficiently. Due to the use of lower temperature and less water, the Eco 50°C program in the Beko dishwasher is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly programs, helping to save water, energy and time. It is also suitable for ordinary utensils and dishes used in diaries, and it does not require a large amount of water and energy to complete the process successfully.

Program 3: Quick & Shine Program

Speed ​​and Clean Program: The Speed ​​and Clean program is a unique program of the Beko smart dishwasher. It guarantees exceptional first-class performance for washing dishes, not only for lightly soiled pieces, but also for pots and dishes with normal soil, as this washing cycle of Class A cleans the dishes In just 58 minutes at 60 degrees, which is 60% faster than normal programs. 

Program 4: Clean & Shine Program

It is a special smart program for Beko dishwashers, which guarantees perfect and excellent dishwashing performance, for kitchen utensils as well as for things that only get a little dirty. The Class A wash cycle cleans dishes for typical soiling in just 58 minutes at 60 degrees, which is 60% faster than regular programmes.

– Program 5: Mini Program

It is the perfect program for medium soiled laundry: fast and excellent washing. This program enables you to wash a full load in 30 minutes at a temperature of 35 degrees.

And all these programs and features make the washing machine one of the best dishwashers in the Egyptian market. The dimensions of the Beko dishwasher (W x H x D) are 60 x 85 x 59.8 cm  .  The Beko dishwasher has a 5-year warranty from Beko, and it is considered one of the strongest maintenance companies in Egypt   . 

Additional information about the Beko dishwasher model BDFN15420s from the Beko website:

Basket of forks, spoons and knives

More space for pots and pans in the lower rack

The basket for forks, spoons and knives is a clever innovation but gets in the way of large pots in the lower rack. The Sliding Cutlery Basket solves this problem by allowing freedom of movement to the right and left so that you have room to fit large items.

Sliding detergent dispenser

Easy-to-open dispenser cap

Don’t hurt your fingers trying to open the detergent dispenser door. The Sliding Detergent Dispenser door is easy to open making adding detergent very easy.

steam seating

Cups without watermarks

Did you set the table only to discover that the glasses looked like they had watermarks on them? A 10-minute SteamGloss heat cycle ensures glasses will shine like brand new. Thanks to it, you’ll get 23% more lustrous glasses and 30% shinier crockery to serve at the dinner table next time and impress guests. *Tested by external laboratories

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