Beko Digital Refrigerator 565 Liters 4 Doors Stainless Steel With Water Dispenser GNE134626ZXH

86,400 EGP

  • Brand: Beko
  • Model: GNE134626ZXH
  • Capacity: 565 Liters
  • Color: Black
  • Inverter

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Beko Digital Refrigerator 565 Liters 4 Doors Stainless Steel With Water Dispenser GNE134626ZXH 86,400 EGP
Brand Beko
Model Name GNE134626ZXH
Style Fridge Freezer
Total Capacity 626 L
Net Capacity 565 L
Color Stainless Steel
Number of Doors 4
Frost Type No Frost
Noise Level in Decibels 39
Digital Yes
With Internal LED Lighting Yes
Vegetables Drawer Yes
Temperature Control Yes
Non CFC Yes
Tropical Yes
Cool Room
Freezer Position Top
220 – 240 V
50 Hz
182 cm
90.8 cm
70.5 cm
Weight 127 kg
warranty 10 years
Beko service number 16165
Beko website

About  Beko refrigerator model GNE134626ZXH

                  Beko refrigerators are considered one of best types of refrigerators in Egyptian and international markets. Beko refrigerators come in different shapes and liter capacities that suit needs of different user groups. best characteristic of Beko refrigerators is good materials in manufacturing, which make Beko refrigerators one of latest types of competing refrigerators in market. Beko refrigerator is distinguished Model GNE134626ZXH, with a capacity of a large family refrigerator for large families with a capacity of 626 liters. This refrigerator also features a modern Stainless color that matches and matches all types of different decors. Beko refrigerators are among  types of refrigerators that are characterized by energy efficiency class A ,which saves energy. Beko refrigerator also comes with four doors, which gives use Optimum and better shape, shape of Beko refrigerator features a bottom freezer with wonderful No Frost cooling technology that is characteristic of modern refrigerators, and frost can be thawed easily, Beko refrigerator features an ice maker automatically without running back and forth to fill ice molds, you can adjust  shelves of Beko refrigerator to suit your use, Beko refrigerator is distinguished Inverter technology for additional energy savings, which reduces your consumption of electricity and pays lower consumption bills. Refrigerator comes with a digital screen that allows you to control temperature and monitor cooling from outside. Beko refrigerator model GNE134626ZXH also comes with 4 doors, which gives a better advantage and use, and best thing about Beko refrigerator is that it It has two separate cooling systems that do not transmit odor, with an active filter to purify refrigerator and refresh it with  scents of fresh products inside.


Characteristics and uses of the Beko refrigerator GNE134626ZXH

– EverFresh Feature

Moisture loss is one of the main reasons for reducing the storage time for vegetables and fruits. Beko technology has always been fresh by providing small openings inside the vegetable and fruit storage drawer that allow cool air to flow into this drawer quickly and ideally. It prevents condensation and thus moisture loss and gives an ideal temperature inside the drawer. This provides :

1- The longest storage period for vegetables and fruits, up to three times longer, i.e. up to 30 storage days

2- Reducing weight loss for vegetables and fruits.

3- Maintaining the highest humidity level of 90%.


– Active Fresh feature to preserve vitamin C in fruits and vegetables

Because fruits and vegetables lose part of their vitamins by staying in the refrigerator, this Active Fresh Blue Light feature helps vegetables and fruits to complete the photosynthesis process, so it retains the value of vitamin C longer and keeps it fresh and rich in nutritional value for a longer period of up to 30% of the usual period, so you do not have to shop during periods short



– Pro Smart Inverter Compressor

It is the technology that allows electronically controlling the piston according to the cooling requirements along with the special design of the brushless DC motor and the Night Mood technology by means of:  Controlling the motor speed while maintaining the same degree of torque.
Sudden shift of motor movement.
Safe and soft start.
This saves
  1 – Low energy consumption
  2 – Low noise level due to the low rotation speed 4 times the normal refrigerators
  3 – Temperature stability = fresh food
  4 – Possibility to put a quick freeze (Quick Moo)



– Cool Room Feature

Low temperatures are essential to keeping dairy products, meat and fish fresh. This feature keeps items above freezing in the refrigeration chamber to maintain optimal humidity and food stays fresh and retains its fresh flavour.


– Active odor filter (reduce bacteria and unwanted odors)

With the ACTIVE ODOUR FILTER technology, you get rid of bacteria and mixed odors in your fridge, no matter what, thanks to the carbon filter. Whatever you keep in your fridge, you don’t have to block your nose every time you open the fridge



– LED Illimunation Light

It gives a clear view from the inside,

It can sometimes be difficult to see everything in the refrigerator, especially in the corners and behind the shelves. LED lighting provides a variety of LED lights in the top of the refrigerator and on both sides of each shelf, and it saves electricity compared to other lights.


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