Black and Decker Air Fryer 5.8L Digital Aero Fryer AF700B5

6,500 EGP

  • Brand: Black & Decker
  • Capacity: 5.8 liters
  • color: black 
  • Model: AF700B5

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Brand Black & Decker
Model name AF700B5
amplitude 5.8 liters
Digital Yes
the color black
Safe to use Yes
7 preset modes for easy cooking Yes
temperature 80 to 200 degrees
timer 60 minutes
Security international


About Black & Decker Air Fryer Model AF700B5

         Black and Decker air fryer is one of the best types of fryers that has an elegant and attractive design in black that adds a lot of elegance to any kitchen or laundry room. This Air Fryer has a capacity of 5.8 kg, which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and the best shipping and after-sales services. Benefits of a healthy fryer: One of the most important benefits offered by the Black and Decker 5.8 liter Digital Air Fryer AF700B5 is that it gives you delicious and crispy meals. Without the need to use large amounts of oil. The hot air technology distributes the heat evenly around the food, resulting in excellent results similar to those that can be obtained from traditional frying in oil, but with less fat. This means that you can enjoy your favorite dishes like french fries and other fast food without feeling any dietary guilt. Air Fryer Design: The Black and Decker Air Fryer Digital 5. 8 Liter AF700B5 with its elegant and sophisticated design. The interactive digital display allows you to precisely control the temperature and cooking time, helping you achieve the best results. Thanks to its spacious 5.8L capacity, you can easily cook meals for your family, whether you want to fry chicken, prepare samosas, or even bake cakes and pastries. Digital Control Technology and Smart Features: The Black and Decker 5.8 Liter Digital Air Fryer AF700B5 incorporates advanced digital control technology that allows you to set the exact temperature and time. You can choose a specific temperature to achieve optimal results for your favorite dishes. In addition to this, the fryer comes with smart features such as a built-in timer and cooking presets, giving you convenience and complete control over the cooking process. The Black and Decker 5.8 Liter Digital Air Fryer AF700B5 Aero Fryer is the ideal companion for all those who love healthy and delicious cooking. Thanks to the hot air technology, you can achieve amazing results without the added fat, which makes it a great choice for people who want to improve their nutritional lifestyle. Captivate consumers with the healthy benefits of a fryer and precise control over cooking, and introduce them to the quality and distinction offered by the Black and Decker 5.8 Liter Digital Air Fryer AF700B5. 


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