Fresh Tango Water Filter 3 Stages 6071

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  • Brand: Fresh
  • Model number:6071
  • Number Of Stages: 3 Stages
  • Color: multi

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Brand Fresh
Model NameTango
Model Code6071
Number Of Stages 3 Stages
Ease of installation Yes
Antibacterial PlasticYes
Ease of maintenanceYes
Keep essential elements in water Yes
High flow rate Yes
CartridgeMade in Taiwan
Stage 1 P.PRemove Sand, Silt & Rust
Stage 2 GACRemove Odors, Gases
Stage 3 CTORemove Pesticides, Chlorine
Warranty One Year
Fresh Official Website
Fresh Customer Service Number19069

Imagine turning on your faucet and having access to clean, refreshing water – every single time. No more lugging heavy water bottles or questioning the quality of your tap water. The Fresh Tango 3-Stage Water Filter is here to revolutionize your home’s water filtration system, providing you and your family with clean, healthy water in just three easy steps.

The Fresh Tango doesn’t disappoint when it comes to filtration power. It tackles a wide range of impurities, ensuring every drop of water that reaches your glass is clean and safe to drink.

  • Stage 1 (PP): This stage removes sand, silt, and rust – the unwanted particles that can cloud your water and affect its taste.
  • Stage 2 (GAC): Here, the Fresh Tango eliminates odors and gases that can give your water an unpleasant taste or smell. Say goodbye to chlorine and hello to fresh, delicious water!
  • Stage 3 (CTO): This powerful stage removes pesticides and chlorine, ensuring your water is not only refreshing but also free of harmful contaminants.

Fresh understands that busy lives demand simple solutions. That’s why the Fresh Tango is designed for effortless installation. You can set it up yourself, saving you time and money on professional installation fees.

The Fresh Tango is committed to providing healthy, balanced water. Unlike some filters that remove essential minerals, the Fresh Tango employs a sophisticated filtration process that keeps these vital elements intact, ensuring you get the full benefits of clean, healthy water.

The Fresh Tango is crafted with high-quality, antibacterial plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind. The easy-to-maintain design allows you to keep your filter functioning optimally without any hassle. Plus, with a one-year warranty, Fresh stands behind the exceptional quality of their product.

By choosing the Fresh Tango, you’re not just making a healthy choice for your family; you’re also making a sustainable choice for the planet. Eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles and embrace a more eco-friendly way to enjoy clean, refreshing water.

Clean, healthy water is essential for overall well-being. Improved hydration can lead to increased energy levels, better cognitive function, and a healthier you. The Fresh Tango makes achieving this a breeze.

Dance your way to a healthier, happier you with the Fresh Tango 3-Stage Water Filter. Experience the difference of clean, refreshing water in every sip. Visit today!

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