TORNADO Ceiling Fan 56 Inch, 3 Blades, White TCF56H

1,850 EGP

  • Brand: Tornado

  • Model: TCF56H

  • Fan size: 56 inch

  • Number of feathers: 3 metal feathers

  • Number of speeds: 5 optional speeds

  •  Color : white

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TORNADO Ceiling Fan 56 Inch, 3 Blades, White TCF56H 1,850 EGP
Model TCF56H
Color White
Speed ​​number 5 speeds
Feather count 3 metal blades
Fan speed 290 RPM
Air flow rate 230 CF/M
It works without a remote control Yes
Control fan speeds through a wall switch Yes
Energy saving switch for better performance Yes
Quiet while operating Yes
Decorative shape Yes
Strong engine Yes
It works for more than 5000 hours of continuous operation Yes
You do not need to lubricate or lubricate Yes
Operating voltage 220 V – 50 Hz / sec
Total weight 5.35 Kg
Net weight 4.90 Kg
country of manufacturing Egypt
Warranty 5 years
Elaraby service number 19319
Elaraby website


About Tornado Ceiling Fan 56 Inch

      Tornado Ceiling Fan 56 inch is one of the best ceiling fans available in the market. This fan has a modern and elegant design that fits with various styles of decoration in homes and offices. It combines strong performance with high quality, which makes it an ideal choice for providing excellent ventilation in indoor spaces. With its large diameter of 56 inches, the Tornado ceiling fan has a great ability to circulate air effectively around the room. It can handle large spaces and improve air circulation, which contributes to fresh and comfortable air.  Tornado ceiling fan also features advanced control technologies that allow you to adjust the operating speeds and spinning directions according to your needs and desires. You can control it via a remote control or with wall consoles. Tornado Ceiling Fans are available at competitive prices, which makes them an affordable option for excellent performance and high quality ceiling fans. Regardless of the room size or design, a Tornado Ceiling Fan can be a perfect addition to improving the ventilation and ambiance of your indoor space and making it more comfortable and sustainable. Tornado ceiling fan measuring 56 inches is one of the best ceiling fans currently available in the market, as it combines excellent performance with attractive design, and offers an ideal choice for improving air circulation and ventilation of indoor spaces. You can order Tornado fans through our website, Wazen Store, at the best prices and the best shipping and services aftermarket.


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