Tornado Water Heater 10 Liters Silver Natural Gas GHE-10MP-GS

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Model Number: GHE-10MP-GS
  • Size :10 Liters
  • Color: Silver

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CategoryWater Heater 
Model NumberGHE-10MP-GS
Size10 Liters 
Fuel Type Natural Gas 
Digital Display Yes 
Multi-power Battery – Power Bank – Mobile Adapter 
Electronic Ignition modeWater control automatic continuous pulse ignition 
Water temperature regulation knobYes
Firepower regulation knobYes
Battery indicatorYes
Control of gas quantityYes
Control of water pressure Works under low water pressure 0.3 bar
Control of temperature of waterYes
Fire resistant battery boxYes
Drain valveYes
Overheating double protectionYes
Anti Dry combustion protectionYes
Water high pressure protectionYes
Flue blockage protectionYes
Automatic shut down after 20 ± 2 minutesYes
Double gas safetyYes
Item Weight9.3 Kg
Item Dimensions 342 x 193 x 589
Country Of OriginEgypt 
Warranty3 Years 
Elarabygroup Service Number19319 
Elarabygroup Official 
Tornado Water Heater

In the category of home appliances, the Tornado Water Heater 10 Liters Natural Gas Silver GHE-10MP-GS is a good option to supply warm water to your home. Many features have been incorporated in the design and development of this water heater with the primary aspects being safety, efficiency and convenience of the users.

Tornado is available in a 10-liter tank and is ideal for small to medium sized families. It relies on natural gas as its source of heat, which makes it efficient in terms of use and constant supply of hot water. The electronic ignition mode, with water control automatic continuous pulse ignition ensures that the heater runs without interruptions. Its temperature control is convenient through the temperature control knob while the firepower regulation knob enables the user to regulate the intensity of heating.

One major aspect that has been heavily prioritized in the development of the Tornado Water Heater is safety. The unit is also protected from accidents and comes with multiple safety features to enhance the security of the user. The fire-resistant battery box as well as the overcharging double protection prevent any potential fire risks and overheating cases. Furthermore, the anti-dry combustion protection is responsible for protection of the heater when water is not available while the water high-pressure protection also guarantees safe operation of the system at different pressures of water.

Among the safety features it is possible to mention flue blockage protection which will not allow the fill of the dangerous gases in case of blocked flue. It has an automatic shutdown function, triggered when the device has been running for 20 ± 2 minutes, which enhances security. However, double gas safety ensures that the flow of the gas is monitored and controlled to avoid any mishaps.

The Tornado Water Heater is designed to be easy to use and convenient for its users. There is a digital display which gives out simple and comprehendible details on the working of the heater and some other features. The battery, power bank and the mobile adapter compatibility is also another benefit of flexibility in powering the unit depending on the users’ desire and needs. The battery icon let the users know the state of the battery, so that they will never be caught unawares by a low power situation.

The heater is also built to run with very low water pressure (0. 3 bar), which makes it ideal for regions with unpredictable water pressure. The drain valve is designed to enable easy servicing of the unit and also to ensure that the unit can be easily drained as and when required.

Weighing in at 9. 3 kg and measures 342 x 193 x 589 mm, the Tornado Water Heater is small and can be installed at different places in the house. It is well-built, making it durable and its silver color makes it easy to fit most home decors.

The Tornado Water Heater is manufactured in Egypt and is backed by a 3-year warranty, allowing for customers to be confident in the product’s durability and effectiveness. For any service requirements, Elarabygroup provides assistance through their hotline (19319) and the official website (Elarabygroup. com).

Tornado Water Heater 10 Liters Natural Gas Silver GHE-10MP-GS is recommended for home use due to its efficiency and safe heating system for water. Because of the safety technologies incorporated in it, ease of use, and efficiency in its operations, it fulfills various requirements and provides a steady warm water supply. If you need a new heater or a new one in replacement of the old one, Tornado has this model that is packed with variety of options and performs efficiently.

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