Zanussi Steam Max Washing Machine 8 Kg Front Loading 1200 RPM Dark Grey ZWF8221DL7

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  • Brand: Zanussi
  • Model Number: ZWF8221DL7
  • size: 8 kg
  • Color: Dark Grey

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CategoryWashing Machine 
Product TypeFront Loading
Model NumberZWF8221DL7
Size8 Kg 
ColorDark Grey
Maximum spin speed1200 rpm
Kill 99.9% Of Bacteria at 40 Celsius
Anti-foam rinse systemYes
Anti-flood protectionYes
PMM Inverter MotorYes
Add Forgotten Clothes During The First 10 To 15 MinutesYes 
Add Steam To Reduce Wrinkles By 22%Yes 
Digital DisplayYes 
Save Your Favorite Program For Easy RecallYes 
Item Dimensions  850 mm (H)
600 mm (W)
581 mm (D)
Zanussi Service Number19999
Zanussi Official 

The Zanussi Steammax Washing Machine Inverter 8 Kg Dark Silver ZWF8221DL7 is a sophisticated product explicitly intended to suit different requirements of a contemporary house. This front loader from Whirlpool is equipped with sophisticated electronics and an array of attractive features that afford the user great ease of use and a luxurious washing experience. The following essay is directed at examining the characteristics of the Zanussi ZWF8221DL7, chiefly its appearance and performance.

Below are detailed aspects of the Zanussi ZWF8221DL7 that separates it from other conventional washing machines in the market today: One of the most novel features is that it is able to adequately disinfect with a 99% effectiveness. At 40°C the bacteria reduction rate is 9%, which indicates that in addition to cleaning, the laundry is sanitized to also be sterile. This is very essential for families with children, animal or persons with allergies inside the house.

Furthermore, the machine has a steam function that Steam Wrinkle Leader decreases the wrinkles by 22% which makes it easier to iron clothes and keep them wrinkle free. This feature contributes positively to the general usability during washing thereby making the process easier and less tiring in terms of washing and subsequent care processes.

Featuring the latest PMM Inverter Motor, the Zanussi ZWF8221DL7 provides power as well as operates with reduced noise. Inverter motors are also famous for longevity and performance that can translate into huge savings on electricity consumption within a short time of usage. The spin speed of up to 1200 rpm helps in extracting water from the clothes hence leaving them drier thus cutting down time as well as energy used in drying them.

The anti-foam rinse system and anti flood protection add to the efficiency of the machine and ensure protection against danger. It is equipped with an anti-foam system to minimize the foam and guarantee the proper rinse and avoid washing excessive amounts of detergent. On the other hand, the anti-flood protection feature helps in preventing water damage by protecting the device; hence, users do not have to worry about water damaging their devices.

The Zanussi ZWF8221DL7 is built with the consumer in mind. The digital display is another highlight: it allows for simple selection of wash cycles as well as their monitoring. Another pros is the possibility of adding some pieces of clothing that were forgotten during the first 10 to 15 minutes of the washing cycle. This way, the user can stop the cycle and add in any clothes that were not placed inside the machine originally.

Of these features, the most intriguing one is where the machine is capable of storing your most preferred program for quick reference. This is especially true for commonly used settings which can enable users to immediately start their favorite wash cycle without the need to set all the conditions all over again.

The Zanussi ZWF8221DL7 is a modern washing machine with a silver finish, which will help any kitchen or laundry room look more stylish. As for dimensions, the washer measures 850 mm in height, 600 mm in width, and 581 mm in depth, which means that it is recommended not only for spacious laundries but also for apartments with limited square footage. While the machine has a small dimensions, it has a respectable 7 Kg capacity which is suitable for families of up to medium size.

It is clear from the Zanussi Company that they value their customers through the strong support provided to the ZWF8221DL7. Consumers can get support via the dedicated service number, which is 19999 for immediate resolution of any concerns or questions. Also, the Zanussi official website ( contains a lot of information regarding products, manuals, and services, so users can easily find the necessary help.

In conclusion, the Zanussi Steammax Washing Machine Inverter 8 Kg Dark Grey ZWF8221DL7is an exceptional appliance that combines advanced technology, user-friendly features, and a sleek design. Its ability to kill bacteria, reduce wrinkles, and accommodate forgotten items during the wash cycle makes it a highly convenient and effective laundry solution.

The machine’s efficient performance, enhanced by the PMM Inverter Motor, ensures that it operates quietly and economically. With its stylish appearance and compact dimensions, the Zanussi ZWF8221DL7 is an excellent addition to any home, providing a reliable and efficient laundry experience that meets the needs of modern living.

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