Fresh Washing Machine 8 Kg Half Automatic Ghost FWT 10000NA

4,435 EGP

  • Brand: Fresh
  • Capacity: 8 kilos
  • Type: Half Ghost
  • Model: FWT-10000NA

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Fresh Washing Machine 8 Kg Half Automatic Ghost FWT 10000NA 4,435 EGP
Brand Fresh
Model name FWT-10000NA
Capacity 7 kilo
Load type Top loading
Design freestyle
Color white
Anti-shock plastic body Yes
Lint filter Yes
High spinning speed  1350 RPM
Safety option for spinning drum Yes
5 Years
Fresh website
Fresh Service number 19059


About Fresh Washing Machine Model FWT-10000NA

The Fresh washing machine has an elegant and attractive design in a white color that adds a lot of elegance to any kitchen or laundry room. This washing machine has a capacity of 8kg, which is sufficient for washing daily clothes for an average-sized family. Which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and with the best shipping services and after-sales services, and it is advised to install it by the company’s certified technician, in order to preserve the product’s warranty and also to work with you efficiently. Fresh washing machine features a filter to extract lint, and the filter is cleaned after the completion of the washing cycle. The washing machine works with all kinds of powders, which makes you save money that is spent on expensive powders and economical powder consumption. The washing machine is equipped with 2 working “washing” and “squeezing” motors. At one time, and the Fresh washing machine has an air intake for stronger drying during spinning, and the washing machine is characterized by a safety feature when using the spinning drum, the washing machine comes with a spin speed of 1350 revolutions per minute, Fresh washing machine features an anti-shock exterior and is made of high-quality, rust-resistant materials. The washing machine’s motor is characterized by the lowest noise and vibration ratio. And the dimensions of the Fresh washing machine 46 x 77 x 93 cm (W x H x D). The washing machine was made in Egypt.  Fresh washing machine features a 5-year warranty from Fresh, one of the most powerful maintenance companies in Egypt.

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