Beko Split Air Conditioner 3 HP, Cool – Heat, Inverter, White Color BIHT2440

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  • Brand: Beko

  • Model: BIHT2440

  • Horsepower: 3

  • Color: White

  • Inverter


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Brand Beko
Model BIHT2440
Horsepower 3 hp
Color White
AC type Split air conditioner
Cooling type cold & hot
Cooling capacity 28000
Maximum cooling capacity 6.9
Maximum heating capacity 7
Inverter technology Yes
Climate class T1
Indoor unit noise level 34 dBA
Covered area About 28 square metres
filter type High density washable filter
Fan speeds 5 speeds
Digital display Yes
Jet Mode fast cooling Yes
Jet Heat feature Yes
Dehumidification Yes
Self-cleaning Yes
fan option Yes
24 hour timer Yes
Sleep mode Yes
Power saving mode Yes
Up and down feather position adjustment Yes
Dry run feature Yes
Corrosion and rust resistant technology Yes
Indoor unit weight 11.5 kg
weight of the outdoor unit 42.4 kg
volts 220 – 240 volts
Hesitation 50 Hz
Warranty 10 years
Beko’s Service Number 16165
Bekos’s Website


About Beko air conditioner model BIHT2440

            Air conditioners are considered one of the most important home appliances that contribute to our comfort and the comfort of our family in the summer. Among the famous brands in the world of refrigeration, Beko stands out for its distinguished collection of high-quality air conditioners. Among this wonderful assortment, we find the Beko air conditioner model BIHT2440. Beko air conditioner has a split feature, It is a technology in which the indoor and outdoor unit is divided into two separate units. The indoor unit is installed inside the place you want to cool, while the outdoor unit is installed outside, and this helps to distribute cooling more effectively and completely silently.

Beko air conditioner 3 HP BIHT2440 is equipped with a powerful and effective air conditioning compressor, it works to cool the place quickly and with high efficiency. The compressor is characterized by its ability to deal with high temperatures and humidity, which makes it the ideal choice to meet your needs in hot and humid weather. With Beko air conditioning, you will enjoy a wonderful and comfortable cooling experience in Your home or office is characterized by its ability to provide a strong and even flow of cool air throughout the room, which helps to create a comfortable and refreshing environment on hot summer days

Beko air conditioner 3 HP BIHT2440 is equipped with advanced technologies to achieve excellent performance and effective cooling. It is characterized by its elegant and modern design, which adds an aesthetic touch to the décor of the place. It also contains multiple functions such as fast cooling mode and energy saving mode, which contributes to meeting your specific needs and saving electricity.

In addition, Beko offers air conditioners throughout the year, including Beko air conditioner 3 HP BIHT2440 With Beko air conditioner prices that suit your budget, you can take advantage of exclusive air conditioning offers and discounts offered by Beko to get high quality air conditioning at an excellent price

If you are looking for a high-quality split air conditioner at an affordable price, then Beko air conditioner 3 HP BIHT2440 is the perfect choice for you. With Beko air conditioning prices that are competitive, you can enjoy a perfect cooling experience and complete comfort in the summer. Do not miss the opportunity and get a Beko air conditioner with a power of three horsepower, and enjoy Comfortable and refreshing in your home or office


Features of Beko BIHT2440 air conditioner

– Rapid cooling and rapid heating

  • When the Cool Jet function is on:
    – The air conditioner operates with a high fan speed and a temperature setting of 18°C ​​for 30 minutes. 
  • When the Heat Jet function is on:
    – The air conditioner operates with a high fan speed and a temperature setting of 30°C for 60 minutes.

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– Moisture removal

  • The air conditioner automatically adjusts the room temperature and airflow volume to the best condition for dehumidification based on the current room temperature sensed, however, in this case the setting temperature is not displayed in the remote control and you cannot control the room temperature either.
  • During the healthy dehumidification function, the air flow volume is automatically adjusted according to the optimization algorithm that responds to the current room temperature condition which makes the room condition healthy and comfortable even in high humidity season.


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– Reboot automatically

  • In the event of a power outage and then reconnection:
  • This feature restores the previous operating state and the air conditioner will operate in the same settings without the need to reset it again.

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Washable high density filter

✓ The first filter (easy to remove filter) traps dust above 3 microns.
✓ The second filter, which is a hexagonal filter, filters microscopic particles up to 0.3 microns in size that pass through the first filter, thanks to the electrostatic energy on it.

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– 5 fan speeds

  • You can control the internal fan speed with 5 speeds.

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