Beko Digital Air Fryer 3.9 Liters 1500 Watt Black FRL2244B

4,650 EGP

  • Brand: Beko
  • Model Number: FRL2244 B
  • Size:3.9 Liters
  • Color: Black

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Beko Digital Air Fryer 3.9 Liters 1500 Watt Black FRL2244B 4,650 EGP
Model NumberFRL2244B
Capacity3.9 Liters
Wattage1500 Watt
Heat AdjustmentYes
Inner Pot MaterialNon-stick Coating
LCD ScreenYes
Removable Basket & TankYes
Overheat ProtectionYes
Washable Cooking BasketYes
Automatic Cooking Program8
Height30.8 cm
Width27.7 cm
Depth37 cm
Packaged Height38.5 cm
Packaged Width35 cm
Packaged Depth31.5 cm
Packaged Weight7.5 kg
Beko Official
Beko Customer Service Number16165

Craving crispy, golden fries or perfectly roasted vegetables without sacrificing your health goals? The Beko Digital Air Fryer FRL2244B is your gateway to a world of delicious possibilities. This innovative appliance revolutionizes healthy cooking, allowing you to indulge in your favorite fried foods with a fraction of the oil, all while empowering you to explore a variety of culinary creations.

Beko Digital Air Fryer 3.9 Liters 1500 Watt Black FRL2244B
Beko Digital Air Fryer 3.9 Liters 1500 Watt Black FRL2244B

Imagine this: you set the mood with some music, prep your ingredients, and within minutes, the Beko Air Fryer takes over. With its user-friendly digital controls and built-in timer, you can set the perfect cooking temperature and time for your chosen recipe. No more hovering over the stove or constantly checking on your food. The timer frees you up to relax, catch up on a show, or tackle other tasks while the air fryer works its magic. The result? Perfectly cooked fries, vegetables, or even protein, ready to enjoy when the timer dings.

Gone are the days of unhealthy, oil-drenched meals. The Beko Air Fryer empowers you to make healthier choices without sacrificing flavor or texture. The included Oil Measurement Spoon is your secret weapon. This ingenious tool allows you to precisely measure the amount of oil needed, ensuring significantly less oil consumption compared to traditional frying methods. You can finally enjoy crispy, golden fries or indulge in flavorful chicken wings, all with a fraction of the fat.

The Beko Air Fryer isn’t a one-trick pony. With its 8 automatic cooking programs, you can explore a world of healthy possibilities. Roast vegetables to juicy perfection, achieve restaurant-quality crisp on chicken wings, or even bake delicious cakes – all with the convenience of pre-set settings. Feeling adventurous? The adjustable temperature controls allow you to customize settings for any recipe, making it perfect for even the most experienced chefs.

Let’s face it, cleaning up after cooking isn’t always the most enjoyable task. The Beko Air Fryer keeps things simple. The non-stick coated basket ensures food slides right off, minimizing scrubbing. The removable tank and dishwasher-safe basket make post-meal cleaning a breeze. Simply remove the basket, wash it with warm soapy water, or toss it in the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean.

Despite its sleek design, the Beko Air Fryer packs a powerful punch. The 1500-watt motor ensures your food cooks quickly and evenly, leaving you with perfectly crisp results every time. And don’t worry about sacrificing precious counter space. The compact size (30.8 cm H x 27.7 cm W x 37 cm D) allows for easy storage, fitting seamlessly on your countertop without becoming an eyesore.

The Beko Digital Air Fryer FRL2244B is more than just an appliance; it’s an invitation to a healthier lifestyle filled with flavorful possibilities. With its user-friendly features, diverse cooking capabilities, and focus on healthy indulgence, the Beko Air Fryer empowers you to take control of your health without sacrificing taste. So ditch the unhealthy alternatives and embrace a world of culinary creations with the Beko Digital Air Fryer. It’s time to unleash your inner chef and indulge your taste buds, guilt-free.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 27.7 × 30.8 cm





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