Carrier ClassiCool Air Conditioner 2.25 HP Cool & Heat Inverter Ducted 42QDMT18N-718F

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  • Brand: Carrier
  • Model Number: 42QDMT18N-718F
  • Horse Power: 2.25 HP
  • Color: White

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CategoryAir Conditioner 
Model Number42QDMT18N-718F
Horse power2.25 HP 
TypeCooling and heating
LED displayYes 
Auto Restart FunctionYes  
Automatic malfunction identificationYes  
Auto speed modeYes  
Recommended Room Size13- 18 Square Feet
Dimensions (HXWXD)210X880X675 mm
Elarabygroup Service Number19319 
Elarabygroup Official 

The Carrier ClassiCool Air Conditioner is one in the carrier company’s series of Split Air conditioning Units 2.25 HP Cool & Heat Inverter Ducted 42QDMT18N-718F is a type of A/c system with state of the art technology that caters for the climate control of both houses and offices. This air conditioner is a product of Carrier and as such, it has been well built to suit the high standards of this industry. In the following sections, we summarise the dimensions and advantages of this particular model of air conditioning unit.

Carrier ClassiCool Air Conditioner

Carrier, one of the leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment manufacturers, has remained always trustworthy providing optimal air conditioning equipment. The product is under the air conditioning category and the specific make and model is called ClassiCool 42QDMT18N-718F with the ability to cool and heat the room adequate for all seasons comfort.

This model features a highly effective 2.25 HP, thus it is suitable for cooling and heating the rooms adequately. The bets of the designs as described above makes it possible to use the structures both in the cold and hot seasons without the need to install other systems such as ac systems. This versatility is quite practical in areas where the temperature drops and rises with the change of the seasons.

Moving on, the air conditioner has a white appearance, which makes it easily adoptable in most interior décor. One of the Outdoor WG’s outstanding characteristics is an LED display that gives the detailed information for the unit and allows the user easily to understand its status and parameters. In integrating the LED display, the interactivity of users with the device is improved together with the convenience of the LED screen.

The Carrier ClassiCool 42QDMT18N-718F is equipped with several intelligent features that enhance its performance and user experience:

  • Auto Restart Function: It allows the air conditioner to continue working under the previous settings even after a power failure, giving the comfort assurance upon reconnecting to power.
    Automatic Malfunction Identification: In situations of a malfunction, the unit can provide an error code that the user can easily input for a simpler method of repairing the machine.
    Auto Speed Mode: This mode sets the fan speed to respond to the surrounding temperature in order to provide comfort while using least power.
  • Eco-mode: The Eco-mode is also the mode whereby the device is created to use minimal power in keeping a room warm while giving customers a comfortable temperature for use thus making the bills small and also having a small impact on the environment.

This particular air conditioner is a ducted one; in other words, it is made for installation directly into the ducts of a building to offer efficient cooling and heating. It is ideal for areas measuring between 13 and 18 square meters; therefore, it will adequately cover small to medium rooms. The dimensions of the unit (HXWXD: The sizes of the devices are (210 x 880 x 675mm) to ensure that they blend into the duct system without causing a lot of encroachment on the available space.

Carrier is also very keen on the reliability of its support and service offered through the Elarabygroup. As for any service requirements or issues that the customer may face, the service number for Elarabygroup is 19319. Moreover, information and assistance can be obtained from the official website of the Elarabygroup.

All in all, the Carrier ClassiCool Air Conditioner is a promising and potential product that is worth developing and investing in due to the contribution it can make in the industry. ”HP Cool & Heat Inverter Ducted 42QDMT18N-718F” is a very efficient, stylish, and smart air conditioning system. Its powerful It has a 2.25 HP with both cooling and heating options to ensure continual climate control throughout the year.

Some of the smart options once implemented are auto restart, self diagnosing capability, auto dynamic speed control, and Eco-mode. Based on its aerodynamically designed system of ducts, it offers an inconspicuous yet very efficient climate control for small to medium spaces. Strengthened by Carrier’s brand identity and Elarabygroup’s dependable service, this air conditioner is a helpful asset to any individual who wants effective climate management enhancement.

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