Fresh Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Hp Cooling & Heating Smart Inverter Black Plasma SIFW13H/IP

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  • Brand: Fresh
  • Model number:SIFW13H/IP
  • Horse Power:1.5 HP
  • Color: Black

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Brand Fresh
Model NumberSIFW13H/IP
Model Code 18355
Horse Power 1.5 HP
Color Black
Inverter TechnologyYes
4 Way Auto SwingYes
ECO Sleep ModeYes
Rapid Cooling FunctionYes
Rapid Heating FunctionYes
Golden Fin Yes
Air FlowYes
Turbo ModeYes
Plasma Property Yes
Air Distribution Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Self CleanYes
Self Diagnosis Yes
Environmentally Friendly Freon R410a
Anti-Corrosive Outdoor UnitYes
Dust FilterYes
On/Off TimerYes
Dry FunctionYes
Remote Control With Display ScreenYes
Country Of Origin Egypt
Full Free Warranty5 Years
Fresh Official Website
Fresh Customer Service Number 19069

Imagine a climate control system that seamlessly integrates into your life, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all while prioritizing efficiency, health, and environmental responsibility. Look no further than the Fresh Split Air Conditioner (model SIFW13H/IP). This innovative air conditioner from Fresh redefines comfort with its cutting-edge technology and commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable future for your home.

Fresh Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Hp Cooling & Heating Smart Inverter Black Plasma SIFW13H/IP

The Fresh SIFW13H/IP boasts intelligent inverter technology, eliminating the uncomfortable on-and-off cycles of traditional air conditioners. This innovative system precisely adjusts cooling or heating power to maintain your desired temperature, resulting in consistent comfort and superior energy efficiency. Imagine a cool and comfortable home environment without the annoying fluctuations in temperature or the constant hum of a traditional air conditioner. With the Fresh SIFW13H/IP, you experience a serene and comfortable atmosphere, perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Fresh prioritizes your well-being. The SIFW13H/IP features integrated Plasma technology, which neutralizes airborne bacteria, dust mites, and allergens, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family. Imagine breathing fresh, purified air free of allergens and irritants. This innovative technology is especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities, allowing them to breathe easier and experience improved indoor air quality. Fresh air shouldn’t come at the expense of your health; the Fresh SIFW13H/IP keeps your comfort zone clean and breathable.

The Fresh SIFW13H/IP offers a variety of features to personalize your comfort experience. The 4-way auto swing ensures even air distribution throughout the room, eliminating hot or cold spots. The ECO Sleep mode gently adjusts temperature and fan speed while you sleep, creating a peaceful and energy-efficient slumber. Rapid cooling and heating functions provide immediate temperature adjustments when needed, ensuring you achieve your desired comfort level quickly. Imagine stepping into a room pre-cooled to your ideal temperature, or waking up to a gentle breeze without ever needing to adjust settings – the Fresh SIFW13H/IP anticipates your needs and tailors the environment to your preferences.

Fresh prioritizes the environment alongside your comfort. The SIFW13H/IP utilizes eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, which is known for its minimal impact on the ozone layer. Additionally, the inverter technology coupled with the ECO Sleep mode significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Imagine enjoying a cool and comfortable home environment while also doing your part to protect the planet – the Fresh SIFW13H/IP makes it possible. Fresh believes that sustainable practices shouldn’t compromise comfort; you can have both with the SIFW13H/IP.

The Fresh SIFW13H/IP offers a user-friendly experience with a convenient remote control featuring a display screen for easy monitoring and adjustments. The self-clean function simplifies maintenance, reducing the need for time-consuming cleaning routines. The auto-restart feature ensures your comfort continues even in case of a power outage, automatically resuming operation once power is restored. A 5-year warranty from Fresh provides peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected in case of any unexpected malfunctions. Breathe easy with the knowledge that Fresh stands behind the quality and performance of the SIFW13H/IP.

The Fresh Split Air Conditioner SIFW13H/IP is more than just an air conditioner; it’s a comprehensive climate control solution designed for a healthier and more sustainable future. With its intelligent inverter technology, advanced health features, commitment to energy efficiency, and user-friendly design, the Fresh SIFW13H/IP offers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Upgrade your home environment and breathe easy with Fresh – visit or call 19069 to learn more and discover a new era of intelligent climate control. Let Fresh take the guesswork out of temperature control and allow you to focus on what matters most – creating a comfortable and healthy haven for yourself and your loved ones.

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