Fresh Chest Deep Freezer 165 Liters White FDF-220

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  • Brand: Fresh
  • Model Number: FDF-220
  • Size: 165 Liters
  • Color: White

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CategoryDeep Freezer 
Model NumberFDF-220 
Size165 Liters
Wattage2000 KW
Door OrientationTop
Energy Saving Yes 
Installation TypeFreestanding 
Item Weight21 kg
Item Dimensions D x W x H70.5D x 71.5W x 87.5H centimeters
Warranty5 Years
Fresh Service Number19059 
Fresh Official 
Fresh Chest Deep Freezer

The Fresh Chest Deep Freezer 165 Liters White FDF-220 is a multi functional and highly effective appliance, which meets many different needs of consumers. With very spacious compartments, energy conservation, and easy placement therefore making it the perfect deep freezer for any home or commercial building. In this essay, some of the characteristics and the advantages of the Fresh FDF-220 include the design, performance, and durability of the machine.

In terms of capacity, the Fresh FDF-220 can hold up to 165 liters of produce, thus coming in handy to households that require more space for large quantities of purchases, seasonal produce or home-gardening harvests. Starting with the door orientation the work recommends that the door should be on top so as to facilitate ease of access of stored items and at the same time reduce the amount of cold air that escapes when the door is opened. This design assists in regulating interior temperatures of the food storage thus preserving the quality and shelf life of foods stored therein.

It is important to note that the Fresh FDF-220 has been designed to be one that is economic on energy. With a power consumption of 2000 KW, this freezer has the capability of freezing large quantities of food efficiently without drawing high energy costs. Due to such functions as energy save, this deep freezer is an environmental friendly equipment that can enable its users cut down on cost of energy bills. The integration of the high performance with energy efficiency is a plus for those customers that want to cut on their expenditure and for those who are environ-mentally conscious.

The Fresh FDF-220 features a sleek white body that easily blends with different settings, be it residential or commercial premises. The freestanding installation type of this freezer can be placed at any convenient place because it does not require point of installation equipment like cabinet. The appliance’s dimensions 75 in depth, 71. 5 cm in width and 87.5 It has a height in addition to its weight of 21 kg making it portable yet sturdy to accommodate many items and items of varying sizes.

This speaks to the construction of the Fresh FDF-220 because it is made with the ability to be used frequently and for a long period of time. The door has a sleek look with smooth surfaces and a strong hinge system that facilitates easy opening and closing of the doors The interior of the structure has enough space to allow for proper organization. Due to its freestanding design, the freezer can be easily moved around, in case it is required, which is yet another advantage of this household appliance.

Fresh has paid strong emphasis on customer support services, as revealed by the presence of a full support service. Fresh FDF-220 is equipped with an added service number (19059), through which customers can get support or help regarding any problem or question. Other information and resources can also be accessed through the Fresh official website and the users have the following options available Fresh. This strong customer service framework guarantees that users can depend on their profound cold room for quite a long period.

Therefore, the Fresh Chest Deep Freezer 165 Liters White FDF-220 is a versatile appliance which effectively performs various freezing functions and does not have significant drawbacks. This car has ample compartment, uses energy efficient technologies and has functional design thus suitable for both home and business use. The sturdiness of the product and its portability allows users to place it anywhere conveniently, not to mention the benefits of having a customer support and warranty. If you require an extra shelf for mass purchases, seasonal stock, or even commercial products, the Fresh FDF-220 is a highly reliable and cost-effective choice that offers exceptional quality and performance.

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