Fresh Chest Freezer 200 Liters Grey Matrix FDF270 (18324)

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  • Brand: Fresh
  • Model Number: 18324
  • Size: 200 Liters
  • Color: Grey

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Model NumberFDF270 (18324)
Size200 L 
Door Orientation Top 
Freezing Type Defrost 
Installation Type  Freestanding  
Wattage 2000 KW
Dimensions Height 875 mm
Width 715 mm
Depth 705 mm 
Warranty5 Years 
Fresh Service Number19059 
Fresh Official 
Fresh Chest Freezer

The Fresh Chest Freezer 200 Liters Grey Matrix FDF270 (18324) is multifunctional and energy saving appliance which is perfect for homes and commercial use. This essay focuses on such aspects of the Fresh FDF-220 as design, utility, and performance.

The Fresh FDF-270 comes with a top door orientation and this is a typical and quite convenient design for chest freezers. It helps in easy access of stored items and keeps the cold air trapped inside thus making it an energy efficient design. The freezer is painted in a semi-gloss grey, which makes it look modern and complements various interior designs.

The Fresh FDF-270 has a total storage area of 200 liters which will allow for the storage of a variety of frozen products. This makes it useful for households that buy large quantities of certain foods as well as businesses that need to store certain foods at low temperatures. A user can therefore optimally utilize available space in the chest by storing large cuts of meat side by side with stacks of frozen vegetables.

Fresh Chest Freezer

The Fresh FDF-270 comes with the defrost freezing technology, which is efficient in regulating the temperature in the freezer compartment. This allows for all the products to be at the right freezing temperature which not only maintains their quality but also increases their shelf life. This process while may require the use of a scooper once in a while is important in removing frost and ice to ensure the freezer holds food as intended and with ease.

The Fresh FDF-270 comes with mobility as a freestanding unit for easier placement. It can be easily placed in different rooms of a house, including a kitchen, a garage, or a utility room that does not always require an integrated cabinet. This makes it a convenient option for users who might require to shift the freezer from one area to another or change their storage arrangement at some one point in time.

The Fresh FDF-270 model uses 2000 KW to perform its freezing functions effectively and efficiently. This high wattage makes the freezer powerful enough to freeze large amount of food within a short time, thus it can be used in both households and restaurants. Nonetheless, the freezer provides an incredible performance but is built with energy conservation as a way of assisting users in the management of energy use and therefore expenses.

Its dimensions are 875 mm height, 715 mm width, and 705 mm depth, which make it possible to place it in different areas while it has a large storage capacity. Built quality is strong since it provides durability and long-term dependability to its users; therefore, the investment is worthy as the customer requires reliable cold storage products.

Other attractive aspects of the Fresh FDF-270 include it’s 5 years warranty, which ensures users with its durability and efficiency of the freezer. This extended warranty depicts Fresh’s culture of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. In case of any service or support requirements, Fresh provides a separate service number (19059) and other information and assistance can be accessed through its official website (Fresh. com). This makes sure that many users will have an easy time getting the support they need and help all through the years of usage of their freezers.

In conclusion, the Fresh Chest Freezer 165 Liters Grey Matrix FDF-270 (18324) is an efficient and reliable appliance that offers substantial storage capacity and powerful freezing capabilities. Its practical design, energy-efficient performance, and robust build make it an ideal choice for households and small businesses alike. The freestanding installation provides flexibility in placement, while the extended 5-year warranty and dedicated customer support ensure long-term satisfaction. Whether you need additional storage for bulk purchases or reliable freezing solutions for commercial use, the Fresh FDF-220 is a versatile and dependable option that meets a wide range of cold storage needs.

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