Fresh Built In Hob 5 Burners Stainless Steel Cast Iron HAFR90CMSC1(8869)

7,225 EGP

  • الماركة : فريش
  • عدد الشعلات : 5 شعلات اشعال ذاتى
  • حوامل زهر امان للشعلات
  • نوع الوقود : الغاز
  • اللون : ستانليس ستيل

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Fresh Built In Hob 5 Burners Stainless Steel Cast Iron HAFR90CMSC1(8869) 7,225 EGP
Brand Fresh
Model number


Color Stainless steel
Cooker Type Gas
number of burners 5
Holders Material
Ignition Type
Front control panel yes
Italian Burners and valves yes
Surface Sealed
safety yes
Width 89 cm
warranty 5
Fresh servicing number 19059
Fresh’s website


Brief on Built-in Hob Fresh Model HAFR90CMSC1(8869)

The HAFR90CMSC1 (8869) Built-in Fresh Gas Cooker, which is made of exquisite stainless steel, is considered one of the best built-in gas cookers, which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and the best shipping and after-sales services. It is installed in a compact manner with your kitchen décor with ease, so it does not take up any space. To move freely inside the kitchen, and it is advised to install it by the company’s certified technician, in order to preserve the product’s warranty and also to work with you efficiently and work with the Fresh built-in gas cooker, as well as the self-ignition feature for easy operation, and the Built-in Fresh cooker features 5 burners so that you can make the most delicious meals, and it has a cooker Fresh built-in with cast iron holders for easy cleaning. The Fresh built-in cooker has a 5-year guarantee. One of the most important features of Fresh cookers is that it is made with Italian valves and eyes that feature a temperature gradient feature for easy control of the flame level, and the Fresh cooker is made of heat-resistant glass For high temperatures, produced by the German international company Schott.

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