LG 55 Inches 4K UHD Smart TV QNED7S6QA

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  • Brand: LG
  • Size: 55 inches
  • Model: 55QNED7S6QA

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Brand LG
Type 4K UHD
Size inches 55
Precision 3840×2160
Healer 4K (K7LP)
Lun QNED / NanoCell Nano
upgrade artificial intelligence 4K
picture modes 9 modes
HDR technology active
Refresh rate 120 Hz
Type BLU direct
The number of CPUs 4
AI Level AdjustmentK 4 Adjust the level 
headphone (audio out) 20 watts (10 watts per channel)
The clear sound 3
The magic remote compact
cable DVB-C
USB   1 back / 1 side
plateau Yes
Real 4K UHD picture Yes
ThinQ AI webOS Smart TV with Magic Remote Yes
Live voice Yes
Information channel page Yes
A truly cinematic experience supported by Active HDR technologies Yes
AI brightness level control Yes
HDR Dynamic color tone mapping Yes
4K leveling tool Yes
HGIG mode Yes
Share the sound Yes
LG Sound Sync Yes
Wifi Yes
power cable Yes (independent)
Time Machine (DVR)
[DVB] Subtitle Yes
deferred viewing
Analog DVR
Power saving mode
energy standard
digital television reception
Bluetooth audio support
Convert speech to text
Analog TV reception
mobile connection
Quick access
Guaranteed by LG
two years
LG service number 19960
LG website www.lg.com


About LG TV 55 Inch QNED7S6QA

The LG 55-inch television is considered one of the best televisions in the Egyptian market, which is characterized by an elegant and attractive design in a black color that gives the place its splendor, which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and the best shipping services and after-sales services. LG TV is characterized by a resolution: 2160×3840 (HD) With a 16:09 aspect ratio and Japanese design, the TV features a high contrast of 1200:1 and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, which makes it an ideal choice for watching TV and enjoying a smooth and eye-pleasing viewing experience.


Picture features of the LG 55 inch TV QNED7S6QA

The LG 55 Inch QNED7S6QA TV is a high quality TV that comes with a range of advanced features that make it ideal for watching movies, TV shows and electronic games. This TV features a 55inch HD screen and LED display technology to provide a clear and vibrant Full HD picture. The TV comes with HDR technology that provides more details and more contrast colors, allowing viewers to enjoy watching content in the best possible quality. Other features of this TV include two HDMI inputs and a USB port for connecting external devices such as mobile devices, smart devices and game consoles, allowing users to play their favorite content with ease. The TV comes with an elegant and modern design that fits any home décor, and the LG screen is equipped with an internal receiver, and one of the advantages of the LG screen is that it enables you to access YouTube, Shahid, the Watch It application, the ability to control the screen via the phone, and the ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


LG 55 inch QNED7S6QA sound features

The LG 55 inch QNED7S6QA TV features high-quality sound, as it comes with a built-in stereo sound system and powerful speakers, providing an amazing audio experience for viewers. Among the advanced features of this TV is the built-in artificial intelligence technology, as this technology provides a unique and customized viewing experience for each viewer, as it analyzes the content and automatically adjusts the picture and sound to provide the best possible quality.

You can order the LG 55-inch TV model QNED7S6QA from Wazen Store at the cheapest prices and the best shipping and after-sales services.


Additional information about the LG 55QNED806QA TV from the LG website: 


Quantum Dot meets NanoCell technology

See purer, richer colours

Experience the wonderful colors of this world thanks to the combined power of Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies.
An image showing two TV screens - one on the left and one on the right.  Includes same images of a blue butterfly sucking honey on a pink flower.  The image on the left looks a bit pale while the image on the right looks very vivid.

Professional blackout

LG’s QNED dimming technology uses deep learning algorithms to map and send object information to backlight dimming blocks, creating clearer, more natural images while reducing the halo effect.

Super screen – size

When we say big, we mean it

Take your viewing to the next level with lifelike motion QNED color in stunning 4K resolution on an extra-large screen

5th generation α7 AI processor

We reshape your viewing experience

The α7 5th generation AI processor uses deep learning algorithms to deliver an enhanced viewing experience.

Professional AI photo

Picture perfect is closer than ever thanks to AI Picture Pro technology. 4K AI upscaling and AI color tone mapping optimize contrast and resolution for optimal detail, while Dynamic Vivid and Foreground Effect Enhancement maximize depth of field and color expression for stunning, vivid images.
Image showing a close-up of a woman's face left and right.  The image on the left is darker and less clear while the image of the woman's face is brighter and clearer on the right.
Professional AI images with copyrighted content will not work on OTT services.
*AI 8K Upscaling feature is available on QNED99/95 models.
*AI 4K Upscaling feature is available on QNED91/85/80 models.
*Images are simulated to enhance understanding of features.
*”Traditional Displays” refers to LG UHD TVs that do not contain NanoCell technology.

Professional AI sound

The processor learns sounds, sound effects, and sound frequencies, allowing it to optimize the sound based on the type of content you’re watching for immersive spatial sound thanks to the use of deep learning from audio data points.

ThinQ with AI technology and webOS platform

Simply unparalleled intelligence

Learn about your TV’s suitability with personalized alerts, recommendations, smart assistants, and more.

Intelligent communication and assistant

Support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Air Play, HomeKit and many more makes controlling your TV and connected devices faster and more convenient than ever.
Four Logos Presented in Order - Hello Google, Alexa Built-in, Works with Apple AirPlay, Works with Apple Homekit.

Sports alerts

Never miss the latest news from your favorite teams and leagues, even when watching other content with real-time updates and reminders of all the important matches.
A sports alert graphical user interface displaying two sports team logos (Jungle King and Dragon) with two buttons to the right showing the words

my profile

Watch only what you want to see with a customizable profile for each family member. Enjoy personalized content recommendations and quick access to your most used apps.
A scene showing pictograms of three LG account users - the names below each face are Max, Rachel, and David.

A true cinematic experience

A performance that steals the show

Enjoy a breathtaking cinematic experience from the comfort of your home with LG QNED TV.

HDR10 Pro

LG’s HDR10 Pro High Dynamic Range technology automatically adjusts screen brightness and intensifies plain HDR content to reveal more detail and clarity in every picture.

Film director status

Watch movies just as the director intended with Filmmaker Mode™. This mode preserves the original colours, settings and frame rates and delivers as the director’s original vision.
An image of a film director looking at a large screen TV, editing something.  A television screen showing a view of a tower crane in purple.  The Filmmaker Mode logo appears in the lower right corner.

advanced games

Otherwise plenty of power play

Upgrade your gaming setup with a next-level TV designed for great next-gen gaming.

Game manager and control panel

Game Manager includes all game settings in one easy to use menu while the new Game Dashboard gives you quick access to your current settings.
Image showing the game control panel - the panel shows icons for the game status, dark mode, overlay, game optimizer, all settings and user guide.


LG partners with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to bring you the latest HDR games with the utmost realism and immersion.
Image showing a woman holding a gun and wearing a full face mask.  The left half of the image is faded and has less color, while the right half has relatively more color.

4K 120Hz, ALLM, eARC, & VRR

Take your gaming experience to the next level by supporting 4K 120Hz, VRR, ALLM and eARC with the latest HDMI 2.1 specification to reduce motion blur and ghosting and deliver a smooth, synced graphics experience at high definition.
A scene showing a red fighter plane with the image split into two parts - the left half of the image is less colorful and a bit darker while the right half of the image is brighter with more color.  In the upper left corner of the image is the words

The superior AMD FreeSync technology

Enjoy fast gameplay with minimal tearing, stuttering, and input lag thanks to the support of AMD FreeSync Premium technology on LG QNED TV.
Image showing two televisions - one on the left showing a scene from a car racing game with a racing car.  The same scene from the game is also shown on the right, but the device shows a brighter and clearer picture.  The (AMD FreeSync Premium) logo appears in the upper right corner.

OTT services

A home for all your favorite streaming platforms

Enjoy easy access to content from the biggest streaming platforms directly on LG QNED.
Environmentally friendly packaging materials

One of the favorites
about QNED TV

LG’s QNED packaging has been redesigned with monochrome printing and recyclable boxes.
A scene showing one of the packaging boxes of QNED TV on a pink and green background with weeds emerging and butterflies emerging from the inside.

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