LG TV 55 Inches 4K Smart Magic Remote 55UQ75006LG

19,780 EGP

  • Brand: LG
  • Size: 55 in
  • Model: 55UQ75006LG

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LG TV 55 Inches 4K Smart Magic Remote 55UQ75006LG 19,780 EGP
Brand  LG
Size 55 inches 
Model 55UQ75006LG
Operating system webOS Smart TV
Core processor (SoC) α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
OsD language 16 languages
Type BLU direct
Number of CPUs Four
Color screen bits/billion rich colors Yes
Precision 3840×2160
Contrast/Opacity Pixel dimming
Type 4K UHD
Screen Size 55
LCD‏ (IPS‏، VA) Multiple
Refresh rate The refresh rate is 60 Hz
AI leveling tool
4k level setting
High dynamic range (HDR) Active High Dynamic Range (HDR).
Set dynamic/professional color tone
Set dynamic color tone
VP9 (Video Decoder)
4K at 60p, 10-bit
HGIG mode
Digital television reception
AI brightness control
Yes (V5.0)
HDR10 Pro – RF‏/HDMI‏/CP‏/USB‏ (4K‏/2K)
Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes (4K/2K)
4K at 60p, 10-bit
AV1 (Video Decoder)
4K at 60p, 10-bit
Game optimization tool
Yes Yes
picture mode
Yes 9 positions
Loudspeaker 20 watts
AI Sound‏/Pro AI Sound
Sound bottom run
LG Sound Sync
Simultaneous audio output 
Adjust the AI ​​voice
Support for Bluetooth surround sound
Share the sound
SoundBar mode control
Audio coding Yes
Share TV sound mode
Convert speech to text
AI Home
Smart editing
Apple Homekit
DOLBY ATMOS sound technology
ThinQ app
Next Picks
The magic remote
Mass control
Search related content
Discuss sound from LG
AI recommendation
Main control panel
Screen sharing
Magic Explorer
Quick access Yes
360-degree virtual reality playback Yes
Apps (LG Store) Yes
web browser Yes
Turn on the TV with your mobile phone Yes
Turn on Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
Block access to a malicious site Yes
Discover music Yes
Family settings Yes
Network File Browser Yes
Live Plus Yes
Sports alert Yes
Sharing from room to room Yes
Digital TV reception (terrestrial, cable, satellite) Yes
Analog TV reception Yes
Subtitles [DVB]  Yes
EPG (8 days) Yes
Ground DVB-T2
The satellite DVB-S2
Data broadcast (country specification) Yes
Teletext (Upper/Flof/List) Yes
AD (Audio Description) Yes
HDMI 1 (rear) / 2 (side)
Simplink (HDMI CEC Device) Yes
USB 1 (side)
RF income 2 (Side, RF/Sat)
Bluetooth Yes (V5.0)
Wifi Yes (802.11ac)
Power supply 100 to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Standby power consumption below 0.5 watts
Green light sensor Yes
Power saving mode Yes
Energy standard Yes
Remote MR22
power cable Yes (separately)
OSD language 16 languages
Time Machine (DVR) Yes
Digital recording Yes
Deferred viewing Yes
Analog DVR Yes
High contrast Yes
Greyscale Yes
Invert colors Yes
Product dimensions without stand W x H x D (mm)
Product Dimensions with Stand W x H x D (mm)
Product weight with stand (kg)
warranty 2 years
LG service number 19960
LG website www.lg.com


About LG TV Model 55UQ75006LG

The LG 55-inch smart TV with built-in receiver is one of the best types of TVs in Egypt, which is characterized by an elegant streamlined design that attracts you to see the purest images. It is available through Wazen Store with the best prices for LG screens in Egypt and the best shipping and after-sales services. The 55UQ75006LG series is distinguished by LG With ThinQ AI Ultra HD display technology, which delivers exceptional picture quality and unparalleled clarity.

 Features of LG TV 55 inch Smart Remote Magic: 

This TV uses NanoSeries technology that allows for enhanced color and widening of the contrast range, which means that pictures appear with vivid colors and fine details. Thanks to the Ultra HD resolution, you can enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and games in stunning quality in up to 4K resolution. . You can place the LG screen on a screen table to give you an aesthetic view, and when placed on a screen table it provides you with a better level of vision. The LG TV comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Thanks to the advanced backlight technology, you will get deep contrast and vivid colors to enhance the beauty of the content. 

Processor (α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K):

 LG TV also comes with the α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K processor, which is an advanced processor developed by LG to be used in its 4K high definition TVs. This processor features powerful AI and processing technologies that improve the TV’s performance and provide an excellent viewing experience. LG TV is one of the best types of screens due to its many features and the presence of artificial intelligence in the picture and sound system.

ThinQ AI Technology: 

ThinQ AI is an advanced AI application technology developed by LG. This technology aims to enhance and improve the user experience through integration between smart devices, voice control and machine learning. ThinQ AI technology also improves the viewing experience by optimizing picture quality and automatically adjusting screen settings based on the surroundings and viewing content. With AI capabilities, ThinQ AI TVs can analyze scenes, enhance contrast, and enhance colors to deliver an enhanced, more realistic viewing experience. These technologies make LG screens one of the best screens in Egypt. 

The magic remote, or as some call it, the magic remote:

 It comes with the LG TV with a magic remote, which is a type of remote control available from LG. This remote control is designed to provide a comfortable and advanced control experience for users, and it comes with the magic point feature, which allows you to control the TV by your hand movements. . The remote control converts your hand movements into actual control signals on the screen, providing an interactive and entertaining experience. It is distinguished from any remote control by controlling the TV using voice commands. Simply say a voice command and the TV will recognize and execute the command. This feature facilitates the browsing and searching process and makes it more smooth and comfortable. In addition, the Magic Remote contains a scroll wheel, similar to that found in a mouse, that allows you to scroll smoothly through menus and content on the screen, providing you with speed and accuracy in navigation. This is an explanation of the remote. Lg smart screen from the screen catalog. LG screens contain many features that make them the best screens in the Egyptian market today. Wazen Store allows you to always offer offers on Lg screens at excellent prices. Do not hesitate to invest in this TV that combines quality, performance and luxurious design.


LG TV dimensions without stand: 87.1 x 726 x 1244 and with stand: 235 x 783 x 1244 and screen weight with stand: 14.3 kg, and without stand: 14.4 kg. LG TV has a two-year warranty and is considered one of the strongest maintenance companies in Egypt. 


Additional information about the LG TV 55UQ75006LG from the website of LG : 


Ultra HD 4K experience

LG UHD TVs improve the quality of your viewing. True 4K TVs deliver stunning detail and lifelike colours.
Stunning view of sunsets and glaciers.

Fits perfectly in your space

LG UHD TV’s new slim profile and smaller frame perfectly matches your home’s interior style.
The camera goes from a top-down close-up of the TV to a close-up of the front of the TV.  A TV screen showing a scene of green aurora.  The camera zooms out to show the extra-large living room area.  A scene showing an overall gray living room with a forest visible outside the window.

Processor (α5 Gen 5 AI Processor)

Improve your viewing experience.

LG UHD TV is optimized by 5 Gen5 AI processor to give you an immersive experience.
Landscape, image quality comparison of non-4K content and upscaled 4K content.

ThinQ AI technology

Intelligence beyond your thinking

From voice control to personalized content, ThinQ AI makes LG UHD TV a smarter experience.

Intelligence beyond your thinking

Easy to operate with just your voice. Controlling your LG UHD TV is now faster and easier than ever with features like Apple AirPlay, Amazon Alexa, and more.
Image showing a couple watching a show using an LG UHD TV.

Sports alerts


You don’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite games thanks to the Sports Alert feature! Before the start of all major matches, you can receive notifications.

Cinematic experience at home


Enjoy a cinematic experience by watching in 4K.

HDR10 Pro


The brightness level is changed with HDR10 Pro to improve the color and clarity of each image. Be fascinated by how original your material is.


Screen showing a robot in the game.  Compared to the traditional photo and HDR 10 Pro app.


Get ready for epic games


Enjoy a great gaming experience with Game Dashboard & Optimizer and HGiG.
Screen showing a character wearing high-tech gear.

Game control panel and optimizer


Find all the settings you want in one place for the best gaming experience. You can quickly modify the parameters of the current game type using the Game Dashboard.


Image showing settings and game dashboard while running a game program.


Environmentally friendly materials for a better future


LG UHD TV packaging has been modified using recyclable cardboard and monochrome printing.
Recycled flower box using LG UHD monitor box packaging.

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