LG TV 55 Inches OLED55CS6LA

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  • Brand: LG
  • Size: 55 in
  • Model: OLED55CS6LA

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Brand LG
Type 4K OLED
Size 55 inches
Precision 3840×2160
Healer 4K (K7LP)
billion colors Yes
core processor
α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
upgrade artificial intelligence 4K
Contrast/Opacity Pixel dimming
Refresh rate 120 Hz
AI Picture Pro Yes
AI gender identification Yes
AI leveling tool Yes
The magic remote Yes
AI brightness control Yes
HDR10 Pro – RF‏/HDMI‏/CP‏/USB‏ (4K‏/2K) Yes
HLG – RF‏/ HDMI‏/ CP‏/‏USB‏(4K‏/2K) Yes
Set dynamic/professional color tone Yes
Motion Pro Yes
G-Sync compatible Yes
HGIG mode Yes
FreeSync compatible Yes
picture mode 9 situation
the sound In front of me
DOLBY ATMOS sound technology Yes
AI audio setting Yes
Wifi Yes
power cable Yes (independent)
Clear Voice Pro Yes
Time Machine (DVR)
[DVB] Subtitle Yes
deferred viewing
Analog DVR
Power saving mode
energy standard
digital television reception
Bluetooth audio support
Convert speech to text
Analog TV reception
mobile connection
Quick access
ThinQ app
Next Picks
Hotels mode
Family settings
Sports alert
AD (Audio Description)
high contrast
Invert colors
Product dimensions without stand W x H x D (mm)
Product Dimensions with Stand W x H x D (mm)
Product weight with stand
32.6 kg
Product weight without stand
24 kg
two years
LG service number 19960
LG website www.lg.com



        LG 55-inch smart TV with built-in receiver is one of the best types of TVs in Egypt, which is characterized by an elegant, streamlined design that attracts you to see the purest images. It is available through Wazen Store with the best prices for LG screens in Egypt and the best shipping and after-sales services. LG OLED55CS6LA series is  distinguished With Ultra HD OLED screen technology, which delivers exceptional picture quality and unparalleled clarity.

 Features of LG 55 Inch Smart TV Magic Remote OLED55CS6LA:

LG TVs are distinguished for providing an exceptional viewing experience, and the OLED65CS6LA model is one of the most prominent of these TVs. It is an Ultra HD TV that delivers a very clear picture quality with the amazing OLED technology. Let’s explore some of the amazing features that this model offers. You can place the LG screen on a screen table to give you an aesthetic view, and when placed on a screen table it provides you with a better level of vision. The LG TV comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Thanks to the advanced backlight technology, you will get deep contrast and vivid colors to enhance the beauty of the content.  LG screen is distinguished by the professional dynamic color tone mapping technology, which is a technology used in the field of display and photography to achieve more realistic and accurate colors in photos and videos. This technology aims to enhance your viewing experience and deliver images that are rich in color and fine details. 



It is a display technology used in LG screens and offers you many advantages, which are: 

Superior picture quality: OLED screens deliver rich, true-to-life colors and high contrast. Each pixel of the screen is able to light itself independently, resulting in an accurate and realistic picture with dark tones and superior brightness.

Wide Viewing Angles: OLED screens display equal picture quality from all angles, with no distortion or loss in quality, allowing viewers to enjoy an excellent viewing experience from any position.

Thin: Thanks to their thin layers and no need for backlighting, OLED screens can be designed at very thin thicknesses, making it possible to design mobile devices, slim TVs and flexible displays.

Fast Response: OLED screens have a fast response time, which means they’re able to display fast scenes and smooth motions with precision and without tearing or blur.



SELF-LIT OLED technology is a technology used in OLED screens to improve contrast and light performance. SELF-LIT OLED technology represents an evolution from the early technologies in OLED screens and aims to provide a superior viewing experience.

SELF-LIT OLED technology features independent pixels that light up individually. This means that each pixel on the screen has the ability to produce its own light independently, rather than relying on a shared backlight as in conventional LCD screens.

With SELF-LIT OLED technology, the brightness and color of each pixel can be fine-tuned, producing picture quality with superior contrast. With this precise control of light, deeper blacks and more accurate and vibrant colors can be achieved.

Thanks to SELF-LIT OLED technology, the screen can perfectly display dark and bright colors simultaneously, which enhances the viewing experience and gives the picture accurate and true details.

It should be noted that SELF-LIT OLED refers to a specific type of OLED technology and is an evolution of the early OLED technologies. Displays using SELF-LIT OLED, also known as “self-illuminating pixel OLED”, are known for their excellent performance and superior picture quality. This technology is unique to the LG OLED screen only. 


ThinQ AI & webOS :
ThinQ AI and webOS are technologies used in LG TVs, including the LG OLED65CS6LA. 

ThinQ AI and webOS are two technologies that are used in LG TVs, including the LG OLED65CS6LA that I mentioned at the beginning.

 ThinQ AI:
ThinQ AI is an advanced artificial intelligence system developed by LG Electronics. ThinQ AI aims to enhance user experience and make smart devices smarter and more interactive. ThinQ AI relies on data analysis and deep learning to improve device functions and provide various services.

With ThinQ AI, users can control the TV using voice commands. ThinQ AI recognizes voice commands and allows users to change channels, tweak settings, access their favorite streaming apps, and much more. It can also learn from user preferences and provide personalized recommendations and a personalized entertainment experience.

webOS is an operating system developed by LG Electronics for use in television sets, including the OLED65CS6LA TV. webOS is a smart operating system that features an intuitive user interface and attractive visuals.

webOS offers a wide variety of applications and content that can be accessed directly from the TV. This includes streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and more, as well as access to local content and other apps via the built-in App Store.

With webOS, users can easily organize content, browse channels, and switch between applications using an intuitive visual interface. webOS also supports technologies such as Internet connectivity, multicasting, voice control, and content playback from external devices. Overall, ThinQ AI and webOS technologies work together to provide users with an advanced and smart TV experience, featuring voice control, easy access to various content, and a flexible and personalized user experience.

The magic remote, or as some call it, the magic remote:

 It comes with the LG TV with a magic remote, which is a type of remote control available from LG. This remote control is designed to provide a comfortable and advanced control experience for users, and it comes with the magic point feature, which allows you to control the TV by your hand movements. . The remote control converts your hand movements into actual control signals on the screen, providing an interactive and entertaining experience. It is distinguished from any remote control by controlling the TV using voice commands. Simply say a voice command and the TV will recognize and execute the command. This feature facilitates the browsing and searching process and makes it more smooth and comfortable. In addition, the Magic Remote contains a scroll wheel, similar to that found in a mouse, that allows you to scroll smoothly through menus and content on the screen, providing you with speed and accuracy in navigation. This is an explanation of the remote. Lg smart screen from the screen catalog. LG screens contain many features that make them the best screens in the Egyptian market today. Wazen Store allows you to always offer offers on Lg screens at excellent prices. Do not hesitate to invest in this TV that combines quality, performance and luxurious design.


LG TV dimensions without stand: 1228x708x46.9 and with stand: 1228x738x251 and screen weight with stand: 18.9 kg, and without stand: 23 kg. The TV has a two-year warranty from LG, and it is considered one of the strongest maintenance companies in Egypt. 


About the LG OLED55CS6LA TV from the LG website: 


An amazing picture on the screen




Light penetrates from the midst of complete darkness

To reduce brightness, LG’s OLED pixels are individually backlit and do not have a backlight. Now, there is no light leakage or halo effect, and the dark areas are completely black. Imagine a clear picture with extraordinary depth. information about



α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

Amazing beauty
Those who make beauty. LG’s fifth-generation AI processor optimizes foreground and background objects to create true depth after outstanding learning progression, resulting in stunningly vivid and accurate colours. information about

Endless variation


Sparkling darkness, bright lights

Self-lighting pixels deliver the deepest blacks for accurate contrast in all lighting conditions since they lack backlighting and thus eliminate its effect. Sharper images make it easier for you to see fine details that your eyes frequently overlook.



Professional dynamic color tone maps


Details determined by tones


In order to enhance the image, the all-new Dynamic Professional Tone Mapping goes deeper. Before, only frames were improved. For sharper HDR down to the last pixel, state-of-the-art technology now delivers 5,000 blocks across the screen.



Immersive surround sound


Realistic sound as if you were in the scene


The fifth-generation 9 AI processor converts two-channel audio into virtual 7.1.2-channel audio by combining it. Feel the action and excitement as if you were the main character in a movie.


People sitting on a couch watching a concert with bubbles depicting the sound around them.


ThinQ AI & webOS


TV is just for you


Do you want some ideas for movie nights? ThinQ technology evolves according to your preferences. Create profiles for each member of your favorite aviary so they can watch their favorite TV shows and get associated news and sports updates.



Smooth screen


You will not want to hide your TV anymore. The TV is more suitable for your space due to its ultra slim shape. Place it anywhere and enjoy the sleek look and clear picture. information about


Night view of LG OLED CS TV on a dresser in a warmly lit room. A look of LG OLED TV CS at an angle in an all gray space with an image of mountain peaks appearing on the screen. A look of LG OLED TV CS in a scenic living space Brown color with elegant decorations.Looking for LG OLED CS TV in a bright, airy room with cactus motifs appearing in the room.


A true cinematic experience


Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos are integrated on the TV to create an immersive and exciting viewing experience. Dolby Vision IQ delivers remarkable depth with subtle details and brings out subtle textures with LG’s 5th generation processor and AI.


A man sitting on the couch watching an action movie with a huge bubble popping around him and the TV depicting being immersed in the movie




All your favourites, in one place


Get ready for a movie night. All viewing environments that provide immersion. Look into his room if you want to give him yours. A platform that continuously streams the most amazing content with Netflix 1, Amazon Prime 2, Apple TV+ 3 and LG Channels 4.


Netflix Money Heist Poster, Prime Video Time Wheel, Watch on Apple TV Plus.


super games


Take your gaming to the next level with the market’s first 120Hz Dolby Vision 4K TVs for a smooth and realistic gaming experience. 1ms reaction time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium technology, and VRR support make ultra-fast motion look sharp and smooth.


Two people sitting on the sofa playing a racing game using a console and LG OLED G2 TV in the living room



Light weight and environmentally friendly packing materials.


OLED TVs are meant to be environmentally friendly and have been certified by SGS in line with LG’s green strategy. These TVs are appropriately assembled and packaged for safe shipping only using a recyclable cardboard box. They are manufactured with fewer parts and without the use of hazardous chemicals such as cadmium metal (Cd) and indium phosphide (InP). When seen, their energy efficiency reduces indoor air pollution, and when it comes time to throw them away, they have a high recycling rate.



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