LG Xboom Go Bluetooth Speaker PN1 Blue

1,705 EGP

  • Brand: LG

  • Model: PN1

  • Color: Dark Blue



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LG Xboom Go Bluetooth Speaker PN1 Blue 1,705 EGP
Brand LG
Brand information phone Speaker
Model name PN1
Color blue
Battery Type lithium ion
Battery charging time 3 hours
Bluetooth Yes
light Yes
High-Resolution Audio looks closer to the real thing Yes
AI Sound Pro adjusts volume levels according to what you’re watching Yes
Splash resistant Yes
double play Yes
Built-in battery Yes
iPhone and Android operating system Yes
Wireless playback via Bluetooth Yes
Mute feature Yes
water resistant Yes
sound boost (default) Yes
sound boost (standard) Permeated
LG headphones warranty One year
warranty card Yes
LG service number 19960
LG website www.lg.com


About LG Sound System Speaker Model PN1

     LG Subwoofer PN1 is one of the pioneering innovations that changed the rules of the game in the entertainment industry. The Subwoofer combines the latest technology and innovative features to deliver an amazing viewing experience and meet the needs of consumers in today’s technology era. We will take a look at the features of the LG Subwoofer and highlight the benefits it provides to users. .

LG speakers feature wireless connectivity via Bluetooth with a high degree of clarity. This is what distinguishes the LG speaker, and it is one of the best types of casting in sound and quality.

In short, the quality of LG subwoofers is what is required in the electronics market. You can order an LG subwoofer through Wazen Store with the cheapest subwoofer prices and the best shipping and after-sales services.


Features of the LG XBOOM Go speaker:

– Easy to install

The LG XBOOM Go PN1 is enclosed in a sky blue backpack.


– Long battery life

Thanks to the battery life* of 5 hours, you can enjoy your music on the go without worrying about charging it.
Front view of the LG XBOOM Go speaker moving at an angle.  Light coming from behind.

– water resistant

Without worrying about water getting into the speaker, keep enjoying. The LG XBOOM Go* waterproof speaker is designed to play music in less-than-ideal conditions. Therefore, the music will never end.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go PN1 is facing left.  There are water drops on and under the LG XBOOM Go PN1.

– Dual wireless playback

Enjoy more powerful sound for a bigger gathering. You can join two LG Party devices using the Wireless Party Link function to experience a single, powerful and immersive sound.
PN1 speakers left and right, slightly facing each other.  There is a logo of two interlocking circles within a rainbow circle centered between the two PN1 products.

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