LG TV 75 Inches 4K Smart Magic Receiver 75UR80006LL

33,120 EGP

  • Brand: LG
  • Model: 75UR80006LL
  • Size: 75 inches

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LG TV 75 Inches 4K Smart Magic Receiver 75UR80006LL 33,120 EGP
Brand  LG
Size 75 inches
Model 75UR80006LL
Display type 4K UHD
Display resolution 4K Ultra HD
Remote Built-in magic remote
Precision 3840×2160
Type 4K UHD
Operating system Webos 23
Backlight type direct
Refresh rate 60Hz basic
Image processor Alpha 5 4K processor with sixth generation artificial intelligence
Audio output 20 watts
Remote control smartphone app Yes
Color screen bits Yes
Artificial intelligence to control brightness Yes
Exit mode Yes
picture mode 9 modes
Upgrade artificial intelligence 4K Upscaling
Dynamic tone mapping Yes
HGIG mode Yes
Auto low lag mode Yes
Game optimizer Yes
ThinQ Yes
Intelligent voice discrimination Yes (Arabic/Hebrew/Turkish)
Sports alert Yes
Family settings Yes
USB camera compatible Yes
Share room to room Yes
Full web browser Yes
Simultaneous audio output Yes
LG Sound Sync Yes
Clear Voice Pro Yes
speaker direction Yes
AI voice AI Voice Pro (default up to 5.1.2)
Share status audio Yes
Surround bluetooth ready Yes
HDMI input Three outlets
HDMI eARC Audio Return Channel eARC (HDMI 2)
Wifi Yes (Wi-Fi 5)
Ethernet input 1ea
Simple Connect (HDMI CEC) Yes
USB input Pores (V 2.0)
RF input (antenna/cable) 2 outlets
High contrast Yes
Gray scale Yes
Color reflector Yes
Power supply (voltage, Hz) AC 100 ~ 240V 50-60Hz
Standby power consumption below 0.5 watts
power cord Yes (detachable)
TV weight without stand 31.4  Kg
TV weight with stand 31.8  Kg
TV Dimensions Without Stand (W x H x D) 1678 ×  964 × 59.9 mm
TV Dimensions With Stand (W x H x D) 1678 × 1027 × 361 mm
Warranty 2 Years
LG service number 19960
LG website www.lg.com


About LG TV 75 Inch Model 75UR80006LL

        Television screens are an essential device in our homes today, as they play a vital role in providing an enjoyable viewing experience and better enjoyment of digital content. Many leading companies in the technology industry offer a wide range of advanced TV screens, among which LG stands out with its impressive 75-inch Smart 75UR80006LL, which combines powerful performance with a unique design.

LG 75UR80006LL75 Inch Smart TV grabs attention with its sleek and elegant design, which makes it a great decorative piece anywhere it is placed. The screen comes in a size of 75 inches, which makes it suitable for small rooms and limited spaces, in addition to that it works with high definition technology, which gives you an amazing and amazing viewing experience.

LG TV delivers sharp and clear images thanks to its HD resolution and advanced rendering technology, which makes colors clearer and contrast more realistic. The high-end screen technology ensures wide viewing angles, so that you and your family members can view the content clearly without having to sit in a certain position.

Thanks to the built-in smart operating systems, you can easily access your favorite streaming applications and online entertainment platforms. LG Smart TV can be the center of your home entertainment experience, where you can watch movies, shows, and live sporting events and share them with your family and friends.

Besides stunning picture quality and advanced smart technologies, TV 75 Inch Smart TV comes with a host of great additional features. These features include multiple HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to easily connect external devices such as game consoles and DVDs. The device also comes with a smart remote control, allowing you to control the screen and navigate with complete ease.

You can find exciting offers for LG TV screens in retail stores and online, and among them is a great offer for 75 Inch Smart 75UR80006LL that can come with a distinctive screen table that gives an extra special touch to additional LG designs.

LG Smart TV Remote:

         It comes with the LG TV with a magic remote, which is a type of remote control available from LG. This remote control is designed to provide a comfortable and advanced control experience for users, and it comes with the magic point feature, which allows you to control the TV by your hand movements. The remote control converts your hand movements into actual control signals on the screen, providing an interactive and entertaining experience. It is distinguished from any remote control by controlling the TV using voice commands. Simply say a voice command and the TV will recognize and execute the command. This feature facilitates the browsing and searching process and makes it more smooth and comfortable. In addition, the Magic Remote contains a scroll wheel, similar to that found in a mouse, that allows you to scroll smoothly through menus and content on the screen, providing you with speed and accuracy in navigation. This is an explanation of the Lg Smart screen remote from the screen catalog. LG screens contain many features that make them the best screens in the Egyptian market today. Wazen Store allows you to always offer offers on Lg screens at excellent prices. Do not hesitate to invest in this TV that combines quality, performance and luxurious design.

Features of LG 75 Inch Smart TV 75UR80006LL: 

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Higher levels of brightness are provided by the LG HDR10 Pro Ultra HD TV to give vibrant colors and highlights
Image of nature with a rocky mountain facing each other from above and below and shows contrast and detail.

6th generation α5 AI 4K processor

Enjoy improved viewing quality
The sixth generation AI processor produces an immersive screen thanks to intelligence.

Redefining the scope of 4K resolution

To experience the clarity and clarity of 4K content at all times, watch it on an Ultra HD screen.
Image quality compared to landscape between non-4K and 4K content after upscaling.

Watch Ultra HD TV on a whole new level.

4K Ultra HD TV lets you experience your favorite stuff up close.
An HDTV is mounted on the wall behind a Buddhist-style table.

The perfect fit for full sound


Pair everything you love to see with crystal clear sound – as it was meant to be heard
Bottom half screen and half speaker.  The TV shows white horses running over the water.

WOW interface

different settings
When connected to an LG TV, the soundbar automatically enters the speaker sound mode. Three additional settings are available to enjoy great music.
The setting change interface is displayed on the TV screen.

WebOS 23’s new home screen

Created specifically to meet your taste
From your favorite content to your favorite perspective, the new webOS 23 home screen provides a one-stop shop for everything you need to power your TV.

my file

Get personalized movie recommendations, an overview of your team’s next games, and receive your own notifications from one place dedicated to your convenience.

quick cards

To quickly access your favorite apps and services, create custom cards. You can move the cards and directly access your favorite items by arranging them in any way you like.

AI customization feature

Get recommendations for new types of content to watch based on your search history by voice.
A person's face appears on the TV screen, and recommended keywords are displayed next to it.

Bluetoothview smart assistants

With Apple AirPlay, HomeKit, and Matter, LG pricing takes convenience to a new level. View comfortably from our side and hear information almost instantly.
Apple AirPlay logo

Cinematic experience at home

Enjoy a beautiful, movie-like viewing experience by watching your favorite shows in 4K resolution.
Image of two people watching a show on LG UHD TV.


An Endless Supply of On-Demand Entertainment You can easily watch your favorite shows on your LG Ultra HD TV by streaming them from the largest online video streaming service.
These are the logos of the online video streaming platforms, with corresponding screenshots to the right of each logo.  There are posters for Wednesday from Netflix, TED LASSO from Apple TV, and The rings of power from PRIME VIDEO.

The games of the first category start here


Make your experience different with fast and smooth gameplay and feel like you are truly immersed in the game.

Optimized for games and consoles

You can have all the settings you want in one place for the ultimate gaming experience. You can quickly modify the parameters of the current game type using the game dashboard
Image showing settings with the Game Dashboard displayed while gaming software is running.


Keeps the environment healthy.
Newly designed LG UHD TV package, it uses recyclable paperboard and monochrome printing.
LG Ultra HD TV packaging box repurposed as a flower vase.

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