Tornado Air Fryer 4 Liter 1550 Watt LED Display Black THF-1554D-XL-BS

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Model Number: THF-1554D-XL-BS
  • Size: 4 Liter
  • Color: Black x Silver

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Tornado Air Fryer
Tornado Air Fryer 4 Liter 1550 Watt LED Display Black THF-1554D-XL-BS 4,515 EGP
Brand Tornado
Category Air Fryer
Model Number THF-1554D-XL-BS
Size 4 Liter
Color Black
 Wattage  1550 Watt
Voltage  220 – 240 Volt 
 LED Display with Touch PannalYes 
Detachable non-stick drawerYes
Ready bellYes
Heating indication lightsYes
Working with few drops of oil or no oil during frying process Healthy lifestyle
 Pre-set quick menu 6
 Overheat protection Yes
Auto cut off Resume when reach or below preset temperature
Auto power off / on When pull the pot out or in
Non-slip FeetYes
 Warranty1 Year 
 Country of Origin Turkey 
Elarabygroup Service Number 19319
Tornado Air Fryer

Tornado Air Fryer THF-1554D-XL-BS is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that will enable cook to prepare meal through a healthier approach with ease. This air fryer has some of the outstanding features as well as elegant looking and it will help you prepare some healthy meals within the shortest period of time using little oil. In this paper, we shall endeavor to describe all the facets of Tornado Air Fryer THF-1554D-XL-BS as well as the performance indices of this product.

The Tornado Air Fryer THF-1554D-XL-BS has a contemporary and sleek appearance with a black look adding to the elegance of any kitchen. One of its most significant benefits is its small size as it has a 4-liter working chamber, which is perfect for any process and occupies little space on the countertop. The air fryer’s design is fully functional, and it is typically made from quality material to allow for durability. The detachable non-stick drawer is also easy to clean and maintain in case of any spills or messes, which is perfect for use in a household with kids.

With the Tornado 7 multi cooker that comes with a 1550 Watts motor, one can be assured of the fast, efficient and effective way of cooking. The features of the voltage range are 220-240 volts and thus it is well compatible with the electrical household system. The air fryer boasts of operating on minimal or no drops of oil and it still produces tasteful and healthy meals as the effectiveness highlights. It is very useful for people who are on a diet and want to cut on fat or simply cannot make sacrifice between their favorite fried foods.

Tornado Air Fryer

The Tornado THF-1554D-XL-BS is one of the most versatile hard disk drive available on the market today because it is made with the consumer in mind. Due to the touch panel, the specific settings and the progress of food preparation can be easily controlled by pressing the LED display. The advanced quick menu is pre-set and contains 6 items on the screen; thus, the use of button can cook any number of dishes. The bell and the heating indicator light provide extra advantages for the consumer, as they signify the end of the cooking process and show that the appliance is heating up.

Some of the features that are integrated into the air fryer are the overheat protection and auto cut off that afford safety and efficiency of the air fryer. An auto-power off/on function is incorporated wherein the pot is pulled out as well as pushed in and this is an added safety plus factor.

The most obvious feature of the Tornado air fryer is the fact that it is a healthy appliance since it fries foods using zero to little oil. This feature dovetails nicely with the emerging health-consciousness of the public and enables consumers to have their French fries, cheesecake, and onion rings – all without the guilt of frying. Through a decreased usage of oil, this device plays a central role in avoiding the rise of heart diseases and additional health associated with high fat food intake.

Tornado Air Fryer

Thus, at lower speeds, when the Tornado air fryer is operating, the non-slip feet provide stability. This feature helps to avoid getting caught up in an accident and makes the appliance itself safer for use. This makes the customer confident in the usage of the appliance, and it come with a one year warranty. Customers with any issues or concerns can always feel free to talk to customer service at the hotline 19319 Elaraby Group.

Originally produced in Turkey, the Tornado air fryer is well designed, efficient and safe to use for consumers. Thanks to its high quality and durability, it becomes useful kitchen product which in turn gives the consumers a constant and effective appliance to accompany them while cooking.

In conclusion, the Tornado Air Fryer THF-1554D-XL-BS is a very efficient, effecting, and easy to use large appliance for superior and healthier styles of cooking. With quality, class, and functionality, this product is a delight in any kitchen of the contemporary society. It followed that a stove that can cook with little or no oil, with safety add-ons that prevent fires and a LED control system make this appliance more practical and user-friendly than other similar appliances.

With our one-year warranty that comes with this Tornado air fryer and our reliable customer support offered by Elaraby Group, we also give consumers a guarantee that they are investing in a high-quality appliance. When it comes to those who want to contemplate tasty and rather healthy meals as often as it is possible and with minimal efforts the Tornado THF-1554D-XL-BS is a perfect option indeed because this model is very effective, handy and looks rather innovative.

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