Tornado American Coffee Maker 1.25 Liter White TCMA-9125-C

1,490 EGP

  • Brand: Tornado
  • Model Number: TCMA-9125-C
  • Size: 1.25Liter
  • Color: White

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Tornado American Coffee Maker
Tornado American Coffee Maker 1.25 Liter White TCMA-9125-C 1,490 EGP
CategoryCoffee Maker
Model NumberTCMA-9125-C
Size1.25 Liter
Usable Coffee typePowder
Wattage  900 Watt
Voltage 220 – 240 Volt
Nylon FilterPermanent
Anti-drip FunctionYes
On/Off SwitchYes
Light IndicatorYes
Country Of OriginChina
Warranty1 Year
Elarabygroup Service Number19319
Tornado American Coffee Maker

The Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C is a machine which allows the coffee lovers a more convenient and quicker way to brew their optimum choice of drink. This coffee maker is known to have a high-volume capacity, a high power output, and it is generally easy to use, making it a great choice for a kitchen. The Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C is strongly recommended for those looking for a quality yet affordable home coffee machine.

The Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C combines beauty and sophistication with a white front fascia to reflect the modern design of many kitchens. It only consists of one unit and is a relatively small unit. Large 25 liter juice jug capacity helps suit both small and large families. The coffee maker developed for this project is a way in which the user can get a cup of coffee while the machine at the same time being appealing to the eye and fitting in well within the kitchen environment it is being used in and also has a large capacity that is going to be able to service multiple cups of a coffee drink.

Tornado American Coffee Maker

With a 1. This Tornado American Coffee Maker comes with a large capacity of 2.5 liters that means it can brew several cups of coffee simultaneously with ease hence it is suitable for family use, office or it will serve the user that consumes several cups within a day. The 900-powered wattages will make sure that the heating process would not be delayed and the coffee mixture will be brewed faster; a better coffee will be produced in a shorter timeframe. The voltage range of 220-240 volts is optimum for typical home socket voltage and can be used in most places that require electricity.

The user interface of the Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C is one of the important design specifications of this product. The coffee maker consists of a nylon filter which is a permanent and replaceable filter and does not use disposable paper filters making the coffee maker more environment – friendly and cheaper. The anti-drip feature is designed to keep the dripping from occurring once the carafe is taken off the hot plate so as to avoid spillages of coffee during brewing.

The unique on/off switch with a light facilitates for switching on/off easily for the users to identify if the machine is on. This feature is especially helpful for when one is working or where there is low lighting in the room when preparing coffee. The smart design is friendly such that an individual can run the coffee maker easily without having any prior knowledge how to operate it.

Tornado American Coffee Maker makes use of an efficient brewing system that ensures that high-quality and consistent coffee is provided. The durable and nylon permanent filter ensures that the coffee grounds are not left behind and that only the rich flavor is extracted from the beans. It also has a 900-watt power that ensures the coffee beans are brewed at an ideal temperature to extract all the important flavors in the beans.

The anti-drip feature of the coffee maker ensures cleanliness of the brewing area so as to avoid spillage and therefore increasing the level of cleanliness of the coffee maker. In toto the design and its various features of the Tornado TCMA-9125-C will make it easy to prepare good tasting coffee.

Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C is produced at the Chinese manufacturing facility with the aim to meet the required standards to maintain durability and performance of the machine. It includes a year warranty which tackles the issue of quality for those who intend to buy the device, ensuring them with the quality of the device. There is range of support from the company as in case of queries or complaints users can contact Elaraby Group on 19319 for immediate and reliable support.

Thus, in general, the Tornado American Coffee Maker TCMA-9125-C is a multifunctional efficient and friendly device which meets all expectations of the users interested in drinking coffee. Its compact space saving design, eight liter capacity, and stout work in kitchen performance marks it as a good buy.

The presence of a permanent nylon filter, the anti-drip function, and a convenient on/off switch that is marked by a light sign greatly improves its using, and very high quality of brewing contributes to the fact that each cup of prepared coffee will always be equal in quality. The Tornado TCMA-9125-C has a one-year warranty and customer support from Elaraby Group – ensuring that consumers receive quality and durability at a fair price. If you are on the hunt for a high-quality, dependable coffee maker that will deliver a great cup of coffee without adding any fuss to your life, this model does not disappoint. It is lightweight, functional, convenient, and comes in an awesome design.

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