Tornado Microwave Grill 36 Liters 1000 Watt 6 Menus Stainless Steel TMD36GESS

7,795 EGP

  • Brand:Tornado
  • Model number:TMD-36GE-SS
  • Size:36 Liter
  • Color:Stainless Steel

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Tornado Microwave Grill 36 Liters 1000 Watt 6 Menus Stainless Steel TMD36GESS 7,795 EGP
Model NumberTMD-36GE-SS
Size36 Liter
Wattage1000 Watt
Number of Menus 6
Power Levels10
Cooking timer From 1 to 95 minute
End cooking alarmYes
Inner lampYes
Child LockYes
Touch Pannal Yes
Net weight16.4 Kg
Microwave Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm395 x 307 x 513
Warranty1 Year
Elarabygroup Service Number19319
Tornado Microwave Grill

The Tornado Microwave Grill TMD-36GE-BK is a cost effective appliance that can meet a range of cooking functions need of a kitchen. This microwave grill is characterized by a high power and large volume as well as has several functional features that are necessary for modern household. This paper aims to review the performance and other relevant aspects of TGMD36BE Black Tornado Microwave Grill.

The Tornado Microwave Grill: This comes in a very stylish black finish that will not only add elegance to your kitchen but will also blend well with most of the decor options that are available. Despite its small size, the Space Keeper Compact measures up to 36 liters thus suitable for home use. Incorporation of the touch panel interface helps it show a modern look and ease of use as it enables in interactive navigation through its various elements and functions.

The Tornado Microwave Grill has a relatively higher capacity of 36-litre for you to prepare bigger portion of food or bulk preparation. This size is quite good for those families that have more members, or for those who like to invite their friends to stay at their place. The high power in the form of 1000 watts promotes efficiency in cooking and heating processes and hence, the food can be prepared faster and using different techniques such as frozen food defrosting and reheating, grilling and baking.

The Tornado TMD-36GE-BK is also a geometrically designed toasters that is very versatile in terms of cooking. It has 10 heat settings to enable the user to have ultimate control of the use of the cook up. If the pre-set settings are not your favorite or you need extra heat to lose those calories then this microwave grill delivers just that and more.

The addition of an option to cook foods with a grill feature provides more options for achieving delicious results without having to purchase additional equipment. It is suitable for the use of users who like to prepare grilled foods but do not have the required space or the desire to use a grill.

The Tornado Microwave Grill has 6 mostly cooking modes. These menus also focus on a variety of dishes and methods from the easy ones to the complex ones in order to make sure that even with limited experience one may have great meals. The pre-programmed options remove the monitor’s guesswork from the process; pre-selected options for different foods provide increased convenience.

The touch panel interface allows the operating of the Tornado TMD-36GE-BK to be fast and easy. It enables users to choose power settings and set cooking and program times effortlessly. The platform is very intuitive and the button reaction is lightning fast, making it easier for the user to change the settings on the appliance thus making it easy to use both by the elderly and inexperienced users.

The Tornado Microwave Grill power of 1000w means that the cooking time is optimum but at the same time quality is not compromised. This even distribution of heat ensures that it can cook consistently and thoroughly to provide a uniformed cooking experience free of common problems, such as undercooked spots, often associated with cheaper microwaves. The addition of the grill function makes a massive contribution to the product as it allows for some items to be cooked crispy and browned that are normally difficult to achieve with the conventional microwave oven.

The Tornado TMD-36GE-BK contains a one-year warranty that clearly defines how durable and efficient it is. This provides a warranty in case there is an issue that also ensures that it is dealt with as soon as possible so that it does not take long before the problem is sorted. For customer care, the contact lines of Elaraby Group are 19319 where customers can seek support for any problem or inquiry.

To summarize it up, Tornado Microwave Grill 36 Liter TMD-36GE-BK is an extremely useful and efficient kitchen appliance that can handle a numerous set of culinary needs. It has a compact size that gives it an aesthetic appeal as well as the ability to carry sufficient rice and its power provides it with adequate endurance and performance in any kitchen.

The ability to control several power settings on both sides of this grill, a surface grill griddle, and pre-programmed cooking options make it ideal for various dishes; the touch panel makes the cooking process simple and accessible. Several features stand out with the one-year warranty and customer support access, the Tornado TMD-36GE-BK is a good option for quality and reliability. For those who want to purchase the best grill for the kitchen, this microwave grill can be a perfect option with its elegant design, high performance, and optimal size on the counter.

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