Tornado Washing Machine 11 Kg on Top Loading Stainless Steel TWTTLD11RSS

16,455 EGP

  • Brand: Tornado
  • Type: Top Automatic
  • Capacity: 11 kg
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Model:TWT-TLD11RSS

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Brand Tornado
Model name TWT-TLD11RSS
capacity 11 kilos
load type top loading
Type  Full automatic
Digital Yes
Design freestyle
Color Stanlis
washing machine door Hydraulic glass door
number of programmes 12 programmes
Pump to expel water
Filter to extract impurities
Cassette filter
Anti-bacterial fan
Complete rule of playback functions
The ability to control the soaking feature
Temperature control
The ability to control the water level
Direct drive motor
Complete protection for children
Delay start feature
Super drying feature
Anti-wrinkle feature
Free Standby Power technology
Washing with vigorous whirlpools of water
60.8 cm
 101.4 cm
63 cm
The net weight of the washing machine
39.5 kg
The total weight of the washing machine
40 kg
country of origin
5 years
El Araby website
El Araby service number 19319


About Tornado Washing Machine Model TWT-TLD11RSS

        Laundry is one of the most challenging household tasks that people face on a daily basis. With the spread of different types of washing machines in the market, choosing the right washing machine requires some time and research. But thanks to Tornado and its innovative top-loading washing machine with a capacity of 11 kg, which comes with an elegant stainless design and exceptional performance, the task of washing has become easier and more convenient. Which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and with the best shipping services and after-sales services, and it is advised to install it by the company’s certified technician, in order to preserve the product’s warranty and also to work with you efficiently. The Tornado TWT-TLD11RSS washing machine has a top load technology, which means that you will no longer have the problem of constantly bending or dropping when loading and unloading clothes. Thanks to this clever design, people of all ages can use it with ease. The Tornado washing machine has a large capacity of 11kg, which makes it ideal for large families who need to wash a large amount of clothes in one cycle. You can count on this washing machine to save time and effort in the washing process, and thus you can spend more time with family and friends. In addition, the Tornado washing machine is based on advanced inverter technology, which means that it provides outstanding performance and high energy efficiency. Compared to traditional washing machines, you will notice a clear difference in your monthly electricity bill, as this technology contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption. The prices of automatic washing machines are always a matter of concern to consumers. But with the Tornado TWT-TLD11RSS washing machine, you can get a premium appliance at an affordable price that fits within your budget. It’s a smart investment that combines outstanding performance with the right budget. When looking for the best top-loading washing machine, you should pay attention to several factors, such as capacity, energy efficiency, and available technologies. The Tornado TWT-TLD11RSS brilliantly combines these factors and offers the best laundry experience that meets the needs of the modern family. In conclusion, if you are looking for a washing machine that provides you with exceptional efficiency and performance, the Tornado 11 KG Top Loading Inverter Stainless Washing Machine TWT-TLD11RSS is undoubtedly the perfect choice. This washing machine combines modern design with innovative features that make the washing process easy and fast, saving you time and effort and ensuring great results every time you wash your clothes. It is no wonder that the Tornado TWT-TLD11RSS is one of the best washing machines currently available in the market, as it definitely meets and exceeds your expectations. Invest in this washing machine and get an incomparable washing experience and effective cleaning that will last for years to come


This washing machine is available in several programs, including:

– Regular washing program: This program is characterized by its strength and effectiveness in washing normal and medium-dirty clothes.

– Quick Wash Program: If you are short on time and need to wash delicate clothes quickly, you can use this quick program.

– Baby Care Program (Extra Rinse): This program is designed to wash baby and children’s clothes. An extra rinse is added to get the clothes softer and cleaner.

– Delicates program: It is a program that is included in some washing machines, and it is specially designed to wash delicate and delicate clothes. Delicate and delicate fabrics such as silk, lace, chiffon, wool, and delicate fabrics in shirts and blouses are more likely to fray or deteriorate when washed with normal washing programmes.

– Heavy Wash Program: If your clothes are heavily soiled and need heavy washing, you can use this heavy programme.

– Special program for cotton clothes: This program is designed to wash cotton clothes, where appropriate washing and rinsing cycles are included to obtain the best washing result.

– A special program for woolen clothes: If your clothes are made of delicate wool, you can use this special program to maintain the quality of the clothes.

– Tub Clean program for washing the drum: This program is used to clean the drum, as the drum is cleaned with special materials to remove dirt and sediment.


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