Tornado Washing Machine 8 Kg Pump Dark Silver TWT-TLN08LDS

9,970 EGP

  • Brand:Tornado
  • Model number TWT-TLN08LDS
  • Capacity: 8 Kg
  • Color: Silver

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Tornado Washing Machine 8 Kg Pump Dark Silver TWT-TLN08LDS 9,970 EGP
Brand Tornado
Model NumberTWT-TLN08LDS
Loading Type Top Loading
Capacity 8 Kg
Color Dark Silver
Drain pumpYes
Anti-rust MaterialsYes
Digital screenYes
Drum Material Stainless Steel Anti-rust
Number of Water inlets 2 Water Inlets ( Cold / Hot )
Power At standby modeZero power
Balance Control SensorYes
Anti Tangle PulsatorYes
Dry force function Yes
Child lock featureYes
Cassette lint filterYes
Anti-bacterial FanYes
Soak course Up to 4 hours
Auto power offYes
Resume functionYes
Baby care program ( Extra rinse )Yes
Sensitive programYes
Normal programYes
Heavy programYes
Cotton programYes
Wool programYes
Rapid wash programYes
Width 62.5 cm
Height 92 cm
Depth 52.5 cm
Net weight 29 Kg
Gross weight32 Kg
Full Free Warranty5 Years
Country of origin Egypt
ElAraby Official Website
ElAraby Customer Service Number19319

Imagine a washing machine that combines powerful cleaning with gentle care for your garments. Look no further than the Tornado Washing Machine (model TWT-TLN08LDS). This top-loading appliance boasts a spacious 8kg capacity, advanced features, and a commitment to efficiency, making it the perfect addition to your laundry room.

The Tornado washing machine delivers exceptional cleaning results. The anti-rust stainless steel drum ensures long-lasting durability and gentle care for your clothes. The hybrid screw pulsator creates powerful water currents that effectively remove dirt and stains, while the balance control sensor distributes laundry evenly before spinning, minimizing vibration and noise.

The Tornado washing machine prioritizes user convenience. The intuitive digital display provides clear control over wash cycles, allowing you to select water temperature, water level, and spin time based on your specific needs. The child lock feature ensures safety, preventing accidental program changes while the automatic power off function saves energy when not in use.

The Tornado washing machine goes beyond basic cleaning, prioritizing the well-being of your garments. The anti-bacterial fan circulates fresh air within the drum, preventing mold and mildew growth, while the soak course function allows for pre-treating heavily soiled clothes. The variety of washing programs cater to different fabric types, from delicate woolens to heavily soiled towels, ensuring optimal cleaning without damaging your clothes. The baby care program with extra rinse is ideal for keeping your baby’s clothes clean and allergen-free.

The Tornado washing machine is designed with eco-consciousness in mind. The automatic linear water level adjustment ensures only the necessary amount of water is used for each load, reducing water waste. The zero power at standby mode eliminates energy consumption when the machine is not in use.

The Tornado washing machine boasts a sleek and modern design with a dark silver body and a black top cover, complementing any laundry room aesthetic.

The Tornado Washing Machine (model TWT-TLN08LDS) is more than just an appliance; it’s an investment in a smarter and more efficient laundry routine. With its powerful cleaning capabilities, user-friendly features, commitment to gentle care, and energy-saving design, the Tornado washing machine offers exceptional value. Imagine stepping into a laundry room equipped to handle all your washing needs, knowing your clothes are receiving the care they deserve. Visit your nearest appliance store or explore online retailers to learn more about the Tornado Washing Machine and discover a world of powerful cleaning and exceptional care for your clothes.

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