Tornado Washing Machine Top Loading Silver 10 Kg TWTTLN10LSL

14,300 EGP

  • Brand: Tornado
  • Type: top-loading
  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Color: Silver 
  • Model: TWT-TLN10LSL

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Brand Tornado
Model name TWT-TLN10LSL
Capacity 10 kg
load type top loading
Digital touch screen Yes
design freestyle
color Silver 
color of the washing machine body stainless
entrance to the water cold/hot
Equipped with a pump for water drainage Yes
Direct drive motor Yes
Hydraulic Bob Yes
Anti-wrinkle feature
Anti-tangle fan
Unique inner drum design
Laundry with powerful water falls
Super drying feature
Crystal filter technology
Drain filter
5 years
El Araby website
El Araby service number 19319


About Tornado washing machine model TWT-TLN10LSL

     Looking for a high quality and efficient washing machine can be a challenge in light of the variety of types and models available in the market. With the importance of saving time and effort in people’s daily lives, choosing the right washing machine becomes vital for many families. The Tornado TWE-TLN10RSL Top Automatic Washing Machine 10 KG, Pump, Silver is an ideal choice to meet your daily needs for washing clothes efficiently and comfortably. Which is available through Wazen Store at the best prices in Egypt and the best shipping services and after-sales services, and it is advised to install it by the company’s certified technician in order to preserve the product guarantee and also to work with you efficiently. Top-loading washing machines are considered one of the developments in the modern home appliance industry that facilitate people’s lives and save them time and effort. The Tornado TWE-TLN10RSL washing machine has a large washing capacity of 10kg, which makes it an ideal choice for large families who need to wash a large amount of clothes on a regular basis. This large capacity allows you to wash upholstery, blankets and large clothes with ease, saving you time and effort in washing clothes. Tornado top automatic washing machine comes equipped with a drain pump that pumps water efficiently, which helps to reduce waiting time and save time. This pump avoids the need for manual intervention to drain the water after each wash cycle, as this process is done automatically and efficiently. Efficiency and economy are vital when choosing a washing machine, and the Tornado TWE-TLN10RSL model is one of the best in this regard as well. They are designed with advanced technologies that reduce water and electricity consumption, which contributes to lower utility bills and preserves our environment. In addition, the washing machine contains many different programs that enable you to choose the most appropriate program for the type of fabric and the degree of contamination, which contributes to maintaining the quality of clothes for a longer period. The Tornado TWE-TLN10RSL washing machine provides superior and reliable laundry performance thanks to the advanced technology used in its design and manufacturing. It also features high-quality construction materials that make it durable and able to withstand daily use for many years.


This washing machine is available in several programs, including:

– Normal washing program: It is used to wash normal clothes at a normal temperature and speed.

– Heavy washing program: It is used to wash heavy clothes and covers, and it works at a high temperature and speed.

– Tub Clean program for washing the drum: This program is used to clean the tub and the inner tubes of the washing machine. It is a special hot water cycle with the addition of special cleaning agents. This program helps to remove sediment and limescale accumulated inside the washing machine and to maintain the performance of the washing machine and secure the clothes from harmful factors. This program should be used regularly to keep the washing machine clean and ensure a longer life of the appliance.

– A special program for the blanket: it is used to wash the blankets and works at a temperature and speed suitable for the size of the blanket.

– Gentle wash programme

– Soak program (up to 3 hours)

The washing machine has many features and comes as follows:


– Super drying feature

– Intensive foam washing feature

– Washing with the power of water falls

– Delay start feature

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