Toshiba Deep Freezer 238 Liters No Frost Grey GRRU312WEDMN(37h)

24,570 EGP

  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Model number:GR-RU312WE-DMN(37h)
  • size:238 Liter
  • Color: Grey

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Toshiba Deep Freezer 238 Liters No Frost Grey GRRU312WEDMN(37h) 24,570 EGP
CategoryDeep Freezer 
Model NumberGRRU312WEDMN(37h) 
Size238 Liters 
Cooling Type No Frost 
Number of Drawers  
Fast Freezing  Yes 
Multi-Air Flow Yes 
Energy Consumption  
Dimensions ( W × H × D)595 × 1722 × 632 mm 
Miraco Service Number19111 
Miraco Official 
Toshiba Deep Freezer

The Toshiba Deep Freezer 238 Liters No Frost Grey GRRU312WEDMN(37h) stands out as a top-tier appliance in the category of deep freezers, offering a blend of innovative features, efficient performance, and sleek design. This essay explores the key features, advantages, and overall value of this exceptional deep freezer.

Toshiba is a globally recognized brand known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability across a wide range of electronic and home appliances. The GRRU312WEDMN(37h) model is categorized under deep freezers, designed to provide optimal storage solutions for frozen goods while maintaining energy efficiency and user convenience.

Toshiba Deep Freezer

The Toshiba Deep Freezer boasts a modern and sophisticated design in a grey finish, which can seamlessly integrate into various kitchen décors. With dimensions of 595 × 1722 × 632 mm (W × H × D), this deep freezer offers a substantial storage capacity of 238 liters. The compact yet spacious design ensures that it can fit into most kitchen spaces without occupying excessive room.

One of the standout features of the GRRU312WEDMN(37h) is its No Frost cooling type. This technology prevents the build-up of frost and ice, eliminating the need for manual defrosting and ensuring consistent cooling throughout the freezer. This not only saves time and effort but also maintains the efficiency of the freezer by ensuring that the internal temperature remains stable.

Toshiba Deep Freezer

The deep freezer includes seven drawers, providing ample and organized storage space for various frozen goods. This compartmentalized design allows for easy access and organization, ensuring that users can store and retrieve items without hassle. The fast-freezing feature is particularly beneficial for preserving the freshness and quality of food items by quickly bringing them to the desired freezing temperature.

The GRRU312WEDMN(37h) model is equipped with multi-air flow technology, which ensures even distribution of cold air throughout the freezer. This advanced cooling system maintains a consistent temperature, preventing hotspots and ensuring that all stored items are uniformly frozen. The energy consumption of this model is rated as class A, indicating high energy efficiency. This not only reduces electricity bills but also makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Toshiba provides robust customer support, with a dedicated service number (19111) available for any inquiries or maintenance needs. This ensures that users can receive prompt and professional assistance whenever required. Additionally, detailed information and resources are readily accessible on the Miraco official website (, making it easy for customers to access product manuals, warranty details, and other support services.

In conclusion, the Toshiba Deep Freezer 238 Liters No Frost Grey GRRU312WEDMN(37h) is an outstanding appliance that combines style, functionality, and advanced features. Its spacious design, efficient cooling system, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for households looking to enhance their frozen storage capabilities. The No Frost technology, fast freezing, and multi-air flow system ensure optimal performance and convenience. Backed by Toshiba’s reputation for quality and reliable customer service, this deep freezer is a valuable investment for anyone seeking a high-quality, efficient, and stylish appliance.

Additional information

Dimensions 63.2 × 59.5 × 172.2 cm



Freezing Feature

Number Of Drawers

7 Drawers


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