Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood 60 cm Silver CLASSICO60

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  • Brand: Unionaire
  • Category: Built in hood
  • Model number: CLASSICO60
  • Size:60 cm
  • Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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Model NumberCLASSICO60
Size60 cm
Noise Level14 dB
Suction power500 cubic meters/hour
Warranty2 Years
Unionaire Service Number19012
Unionaire Official WebUnionaire .com
Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood

The Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood CLASSICO60 is a perfect embodiment of efficiency, elegant design and innovative technologies that make it an invaluable asset in any contemporary kitchen. This hood is characterized with its stylish silver finish and attractive features for effective and stylish ventilation of your cooking zone.

The Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood has a silver-colored outer part, which gives it a contemporary and elegant appearance that can easily fit into any kitchen setting. It measures only 60 cm wide, allowing it to blend well with most kitchen decors while offering optimal ventilation, despite its small size. The style of the hood matches the overall kitchen design and at the same time is highly functional and easy to clean due to the material used for it.

One of the most unique aspects of the Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood is the presence of an advanced ventilation system. Featuring a single, powerful motor, this hood boasts an impressive suction capacity of 500 cubic meters per hour. This powerful extraction capacity guarantees that fumes such as smoke, steam, and cooking smells are well eliminated to offer a clean environment in the kitchen even during busy cooking. The powerful motor guarantees the constant work, contributing to the proper air circulation in the kitchen space.

The Unionaire I-Cook Built-in Hood uses metal filters that are highly durable to ensure that the air that comes out of the appliance is clean with no traces of grease or any other particles. These filter are quite easy to remove and clean so there is no problem of any kind in the long run regarding its functionality. Furthermore, the noise level of the hood is a mere 14 dB, which makes the hood one of the lowest noise making hoods currently in the market. This comes in handy since no one desires to be bothered by the sound made by the ventilation system while cooking.

The best hood is the one that has three-speed control; this allows the user to adjust the speed to match the kind of cooking done in the kitchen. No matter if you are stewing, sautéing or barbecuing there is option for regulating the speed and thus dealing with smoke and odors. The presence of buttons makes it easy to switch betewwn speeds which makes this gadget very easy to use. The range of speeds makes the hood performance-oriented, allowing for smooth convection for all kinds of cooking.

Rated at a voltage of 20V, the Unionaire I-Cook CLASSICO60 is a powerful appliance that uses less electricity for its operations than its counterparts in the market. It also makes the fan energy efficient and hence an economic way of providing ventilation as it will not contribute much to the electricity bills. Moreover, the hood has a two-year warranty so that users will have a sense of security while enjoying the product.

The Unionaire I-Cook CLASSICO60 is easy to install, as instructions are given to make the operation as easy as possible. The metal filters are also easy to clean and this means that anyone who uses this hood will find that maintaining the appliance is a simple affair. It is built to last and made from high-quality materials that ensure a long service delivery without the need for replacement.

To support the customers, Unionaire has a customer service number i.e. 19012 for any help or concern of the customer. The lengthy warranties and extensive support channels also demonstrate the brand’s dedication to customers, as they will have a reliable source of assistance with their product.

In summary, the UNIONAIRE I-COOK Built-in Hood 60 cm Siver CLASSICO 60 is one of the best appliances to install in your home if you want an elegant, efficient, and powerful cooker hood. It boasts of a strong motor, efficient filtration, multiple adjustable speeds, and an attractive build, which places it at the upper echelon of its segment.

Through its design that is both stylish and effective in use and maintenance, this hood is a reliable additional to the kitchen and contributes to the comfortable and healthy conditions for cooking process. Unionaire has delivered the CLASSICO60 which complies with quality and comprehensive features of performance more thus making it recommendable for an improved and modification kitchen experience.

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