White Point Washing Machine 12 Kg Top loading Digital Dark Grey WPTL12DGGLA

13,100 EGP

  • Brand: White Point
  • Model Number:WPTL12DGGLA
  • Size: 12Kg
  • Color: Grey

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White Point Washing Machine 12 Kg Top loading Digital Dark Grey WPTL12DGGLA 13,100 EGP
BrandWhite Point 
CategoryWashing Machine 
Model NumberWPTL12DGGLA 
Size12 Kg 
ColorDark Grey
Loading Type  Top Loading 
Drum typeDiamond Drum
 Additional Features Digital Screen Twister Wash Technology: 3D Water rotation for detangled cloth & better cleaning quality
Fuzzy Logic: Senses weight load to determine water level thus saving water and electricity
Soft Close Glass Door
Air Dry for faster drying
Delay Start
Child Lock
Auto-Balance Correction
2 Filters
Drum Clean program to get rid of detergent residues
10 Water levels to choose from based on load weight 
Warranty 5 years for the Body & 2 years for internal parts
White Point Service Number19595
White Point Official WebWhitePoint.com 
White Point Washing Machine

The White Point Washing Machine 12 Kg Top Loading Digital Dark Grey WPTL12DGGLA epitomizes advanced laundry technology combined with user-friendly features. This essay delves into the various aspects of this washing machine, highlighting its design, functionality, and innovative technologies that cater to modern laundry needs.

White Point is a distinguished brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation in home appliances. The WPTL12DGGLA model is a top-loading washing machine, designed to handle substantial laundry loads with ease and efficiency.

This model is finished in an elegant dark grey, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that fits seamlessly into any contemporary home setting. With a generous capacity of 12 kilograms, it is ideal for large households, allowing users to wash bulky items such as comforters and curtains with ease.

At the heart of the WPTL12DGGLA is the Diamond Drum, a design known for its gentle yet effective washing action. The unique diamond-shaped ridges of the drum ensure that clothes are thoroughly cleaned while minimizing fabric damage. This design is particularly beneficial for delicate garments, ensuring they retain their quality and longevity.

The WPTL12DGGLA is equipped with a host of advanced features that enhance washing performance and user convenience:

  • Twister Wash Technology: This technology utilizes 3D water rotation to detangle clothes and improve cleaning quality. The multidirectional water flow ensures that detergent penetrates fabrics thoroughly, resulting in cleaner clothes.
  • Fuzzy Logic: This intelligent feature senses the weight of the laundry load and adjusts the water level accordingly. This not only ensures optimal cleaning but also conserves water and electricity.
  • Soft Close Glass Door: The soft-close mechanism of the glass door prevents abrupt slamming, adding a touch of elegance and safety.
  • Air Dry: This feature accelerates the drying process by expelling more moisture from clothes during the spin cycle, reducing drying time significantly.

The washing machine is designed with several user-centric features to make laundry tasks easier:

  • Digital Screen: The digital screen provides clear and intuitive controls, allowing users to select programs and monitor the washing process effortlessly.
  • Delay Start: This feature allows users to set a delay for the washing cycle to start, providing flexibility to align with their schedules.
  • Child Lock: Ensures safety by preventing accidental changes to the washing settings, making it a family-friendly appliance.
  • Auto-Balance Correction: This function automatically detects and corrects imbalance in the drum, ensuring smooth and stable operation.
  • Drum Clean Program: Maintains hygiene by removing detergent residues and other buildup from the drum, ensuring optimal washing conditions.

The machine offers 10 water levels, allowing users to choose the appropriate amount based on the load size. This flexibility, combined with the fuzzy logic feature, ensures efficient use of water and energy, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

White Point provides a comprehensive warranty for the WPTL12DGGLA, offering 5 years coverage for the body and 2 years for internal parts. This warranty underscores the brand’s confidence in the durability and reliability of its product. For any maintenance or service needs, customers can contact the White Point service number or visit the official website for support and information.

In conclusion, the White Point Washing Machine 12 Kg Top Loading Digital Dark Grey WPTL12DGGLA stands out as a robust and sophisticated appliance. Its advanced features, such as Twister Wash Technology, Fuzzy Logic, and the Diamond Drum, ensure superior cleaning performance while protecting fabrics. User-friendly additions like the digital screen, delay start, and child lock make it a convenient choice for modern households. Coupled with efficient water and energy usage, this washing machine represents an excellent investment for those seeking a high-capacity, reliable, and technologically advanced laundry solution.

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